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Introducing the Collection

The Shiseido Art House is home to an extensive collection of works acquired in the course of exhibitions at the Ginza Shiseido Gallery and other artistic culture support activities. This collection, portions of which are shown to the public, is comprised mainly of works by painters, sculptors, and industrial artists who exhibited at the Shiseido Gallery, for example at the Tsubakikai (Camellia Club) Exhibition or the Exhibition of Modern Industrial Art.


Paintings include Japanese style paintings (nihonga), oil paintings, watercolors, and others acquired from the Tsubakikai Exhibitions at the Shiseido Gallery.

  • Belfry, Oka Shikanosuke

    Oka Shikanosuke

  • Tower, Oka Shikanosuke

    Oka Shikanosuke

  • Grist Mill, Oka Shikanosuke

    Grist Mill
    Oka Shikanosuke

  • Pansies, Oka Shikanosuke

    Oka Shikanosuke

  • Shrike, Yokoyama Taikan

    Yokoyama Taikan

  • Osen — In the Garden, Komura Settai

    Osen — In the Garden
    Komura Settai

  • Osen — Original Newspaper Graphic, Komura Settai

    Osen — Original Newspaper Graphic
    Komura Settai

  • Parody of Kanzan & Jittoku, Komura Settai

    Parody of Kanzan & Jittoku
    Komura Settai

  • Osen — Green Willow, Komura Settai

    Osen — Green Willow
    Komura Settai