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Current Special Exhibition

Time to Spend in an Art Museum

  • Shiseido Collection Summer Exhibition
    ― Glass art, bamboo art and oil paintings ―
    July 21(Tue) — September 22(Tue), 2020 * End of Exhibition
  • Shiseido Collection Autumn Exhibition
    ― Lacquer ware, ceramic art and Japanese paintings ―
    October 6(Tue) — December 11(Fri), 2020

Greetings from The Shiseido Art House, where we are all hoping that everyone is keeping fit and healthy in spite of the novel coronavirus pandemic that continues to ravage the world today.

Our gallery has now been closed for more than three months, since March 1st, but we are pleased to announce that we are now finally able to resume our operations. Please accept our deepest apologies for any anxiety or inconvenience the long closure may have caused.

Over the course of the coming six months—extending from July to the end of the year—we will be holding two exhibitions: the Shiseido Collection Summer Exhibition and the Shiseido Collection Autumn Exhibition. Both exhibits will feature masterpieces of craftwork and painting, with a special selection of bamboo crafts, glass arts and oil paintings meant to evoke the summer season being exhibited in the summer exhibition. Later, the autumn exhibition will feature a mix of lacquer ware, ceramic arts and Japanese paintings that will surely enable visitors to more intimately experience the aesthetic sensibilities of the traditional Japanese arts.

Craftworks will mainly consist of pieces that had previously been exhibited in the Shiseido-sponsored Modern Art Crafts Exhibition over the years that it was held (1975 – 1995), with the works of Japan’s Living National Treasures (designated as holders of Important Intangible Cultural Assets) accounting for the vast majority of the bamboo, lacquer and ceramic craftworks that will be put on display. Similarly, most of the paintings being shown had previously been exhibited in the Third Tsubaki-Kai Exhibition (or Third Shiseido Camellia Association Exhibition) (1974 – 1990), with both oil paintings and Japanese paintings selected mainly from pieces created by recipients of Japan’s Order of Culture. We firmly believe that all visitors will feel deeply gratified to gaze upon this collection of traditional Japanese craft works and representational paintings from Japan’s world of postwar art.

For this series of exhibitions we have selected the title, Time to Spend in an Art Museum. As people’s minds and bodies grow quietly dispirited for days on end, we take special pleasure, as members involved in the day-to-day operations of the Shiseido Art House gallery, that visitors somehow manage to find the time to spend in our gallery, making it a place that not only gives us courage, but also allows us to share the delight that can only be obtained by being in close communion with art.