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Nov. 1, 2023

Publisher: Shiseido


Shiseido Wins First Place in Forbes JAPAN WOMEN AWARD 2023’s ”Corporate Ranking”

Shiseido wins first place in the ”Corporate Ranking” at Forbes JAPAN WOMEN AWARD 2023, one of Japan's largest women's awards hosted by Forbes JAPAN, a global media outlet for business leaders. The Forbes JAPAN WOMEN AWARD has been held since 2016 with the aim of sharing best practices for closing the gender gap and empowering companies and women.


Forbes JAPAN WOMEN AWARD 2023’s ”Corporate Ranking” selects winners by evaluating and quantifying the corporate public information and entry information of approximately 1,900 target companies—companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market and companies that have entered the competition voluntarily—based on the following items: ”Diversity,” ”Working Environment,” ”Human Capital Development,” and ”Performance.” Shiseido's award was mainly attributed to the following highly evaluated initiatives:
・Business structure that promotes diversity and inclusion (D&I), from supplier companies to products, and services provided to consumers
・Close to equal average length of service by male and female employees and a high percentage of women at top levels in all career stages
・Establishment of a flexible and diverse work environment that recognizes different working styles

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Shiseido's Diversity & Inclusion

Since Shiseido’s founding in 1872, it has been proposing fulfilling lifestyles by embracing diverse values and updating lifestyles. It’s corporate mission, ”BEAUTY INNOVATIONS FOR A BETTER WORLD,” is based on the recognition that people are inherently diverse. The company aims to eliminate fixed values, biases, and peer pressures, and position D&I as an important management strategy to realize an inclusive society where everyone can live their own authentic life. By leveraging its strengths, knowledge, and experience accumulated through its core business in the beauty industry and internal D&I initiatives, the company intends to contribute to solving social issues on a global scale.

<Gender Equality>

Shiseido believes that promoting the active participation of women leads to creating an environment where diverse people can demonstrate their abilities. By 2030, the company aims to achieve a gender ratio of 50:50, a representation of equal opportunity, at all management levels. Currently, the ratio of women on our Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board, the ratio of women as Executive Officers, and the ratio of women managers in the domestic Shiseido Group is 40.0%*1, 35.3%*1, and 37.6%*2, respectively. Shiseido believes that improving diversity on the Board of Directors, in particular, achieving a gender balance among executives who have a significant impact on corporate culture is an important and challenging goal. The company plans to strengthen its efforts, including diversifying its “NEXT LEADERSHIP SESSION for WOMEN” training program that started in 2017 to develop women leaders, and expand workshops to eliminate unconscious biases. The company has also implemented the ”Shiseido Hybrid Workstyle,” a way of working that flexibly combines office work and remote work to support a work-life balance. In addition, through its subsidiary, KODOMOLOGY Corporation, Shiseido provides a child-rearing support service called ”KANGAROOM+” to its employees and affiliated companies who have children from prenatal to the elementary school age.
As its initiatives to expand D&I into society, in 2023, Shiseido established the Shiseido D&I Lab in-house to explore ways to leverage the power of diversity. The lab researches the process by which the empowerment of diverse human resources facilitates innovation by introducing different values and ideas and verifying the cause-and-effect relationship between diversity and corporate growth. It also aims to obtain know-how to maximize the power of diversity by analyzing the effects of its initiatives. Shiseido also disseminates its findings from the research at the Shiseido D&I Lab broadly throughout society, thereby contributing to the growth of the Japanese economy through D&I. The 30% Club Japan aims to increase the proportion of women on the boards of companies in Japan. *3 As part of a global initiative that originated in the United Kingdom, the Japan chapter was inaugurated in May 2019, and Phase 2 started in May 2022 with the goal of achieving a 30% proportion of women directors*4 at TOPIX 100 companies by 2030. Masahiko Uotani, Shiseido’s Representative Director, Chairman, and CEO, continues to serve and lead as the chairperson for Phase 2, as well as for Phase 1, to promote the further participation of women, a potential source of growth for the Japanese society.
*1:As of April 1, 2023
*2:As of January 1, 2023
*3:Women on the boards are defined as directors and auditors.
*4:Proportion of women on the boards of directors at TOPIX 100 companies (including auditors at companies with a board of auditors)

<Empowerment through the Power of Beauty>

Shiseido communicates the message that the power of ”beauty” not only contributes to physical and mental satisfaction, but also to social well-being. It supports various individuals, regardless of age, illness, disability, etc., to take the step towards being themselves. In 1956, Shiseido was the first in Japan to release makeup products for those suffering from burn scars. The activities of the Shiseido Life Quality Makeup started thereafter.
Shiseido Life Quality Makeup conducts research on appearance care for congenital marks, burn scars, and cancer treatment side effects, develops dedicated products, and disseminates beauty information. Currently, it operates out of the specialized facilities of the Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Centers in four countries and regions (Japan, China, Singapore, and Taiwan). The company will continue to support the desire of everyone to ”be themselves” through the power of ”beauty.”

Consultation at Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center

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”Perfect Cover” to address deep skin concerns

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