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Feb. 5, 2021

Publisher: ShiseidoShiseido Japan

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SHISEIDO MEN Reinvents its Series

Combats the 3 weaknesses of male skin
Skincare and makeup products based on the latest research, nurtures a healthy energetic look

Shiseido Company, Limited (“Shiseido”) is announcing the release of the SHISEIDO MEN’s all new product series which will start sales sequentially worldwide from March 2021. This exciting series will now include makeup products to be newly added to skincare products such as “SHISEIDO MEN UltimuneTM Power Infusing Concentrate”. SHISEIDO MEN is the prestige men’s series of “SHISEIDO” and is currently marketed in 88 countries and regions around the world.

▪The SHISEIDO MEN is being reborn. These technology-packed skincare products care men’s skin by drawing on cutting-edge skincare research into the specific nature of male skin. New makeup products being added to the lineup have been specially developed to improve men’s confidence.

▪Since its market launch in 2003, SHISEIDO MEN has been a leader in the prestige men’s category. Drawing on its ground-breaking male skincare research, Shiseido has identified three primary areas of concern for male skin when compared to female skin: 1) inferior defensive power, 2) lower antioxidant capacity and 3) lesser ability to recover from damage. Shiseido is putting this knowledge to work to develop new product’s renewed commitment to support men’s skin health.

▪SHISEIDO’s best-selling skincare product, “Ultimune™ Powerizing Concentrate” is now available for men with the introduction of “SHISEIDO MEN UltimuneTM Power Infusing Concentrate.” The new Soft Shell Emulsification Technology realizes a non-sticky texture while maintaining reliable effectiveness after application.


SHISEIDO MEN is an essential skincare series focusing on the barrier function of male skin. Selling first in Italy and Germany in 2003, SHISEIDO MEN was introduced into the Japanese market in 2004, leading the prestige men's skincare market category. For many years Shiseido has conducted research into skin physiology and user preferences, taking into account age and gender. From this study, three major vulnerabilities of male skin have been identified: inferior defensive power, lower antioxidant capacity and inability to resist and recover from damage. Now SHISEIDO MEN is applying this knowledge to introduce a new approach for men’s products that releases the natural power of the skin by focusing on the specific skin characteristics of men.


SHISEIDO MEN is a series of high-quality, high-performance men’s skincare and makeup products. This product series has benefitted by Shiseido’s years of cutting-edge scientific research specialized in the study of the physiology of ‘human skin. Since its birth in Ginza, Tokyo, in 1872, Shiseido has been creating a new value of beauty through the fusion of science and art. Now, SHISEIDO MEN demonstrates that beauty on the outside gives confidence and vitality that lead to inner beauty. This virtuous circle takes on new dimensions and energy to maximize positive impressions. Through the brand concept of #ALIVEwithBeauty, Shiseido believes that SHISEIDO MEN’s products, particularly in this stressful time, bring out the beauty of men around the world.


For this relaunching, the new SHISEIDO MEN product series has been engineered by making use of knowledge of Shiseido’s dermatology research, which identified the three main vulnerabilities of male skin; inferior defensive power, lower antioxidant capacity and inability to resist and recover from damage. The lineup includes skincare products such as flagship product ”SHISEIDO MEN UltimuneTM Power Infusing Concentrate ” which uses new Soft Shell Emulsification Technology to achieve a non-sticky texture while maintaining the feeling of effectiveness. Also, newly joining makeup products include ”SHISEIDO MEN Targeted Pencil Concealer” and ”SHISEIDO MEN Eyebrow Fixer Duo” which help the user achieve a more positive impression.

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