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Sep. 25, 2019

Publisher: ShiseidoShiseido Japan

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Shiseido's global prestige brand SHISEIDO first flagship store to open in Ginza, Tokyo in April 2020

– The latest beauty facility provides a unique brand experience combining technology and human interaction –

Shiseido will open the first flagship store for SHISEIDO, a brand available in 85 countries and regions, in the company’s birthplace of Ginza in April 2020.

※Store opening date has been changed.
【Before】April, 2020 ⇒【After】Postponed (We will announce the date on SHISEIDO flagship store teaser side https://www.shiseido.co.jp/ginza/)

The flagship store will communicate the brand's worldview and provide a brand experience unique to SHISEIDO that combines the latest technology with human interaction. To respond to diversifying beauty needs and lifestyles, the store will offer digital content where visitors can freely engage with products using their five senses, beauty counseling that suits the needs of customers, and interactive paid services. Occupying three floors, it will be the largest stand-alone SHISEIDO store in the world. All products of the brand will be sold, including skincare and makeup, as well as store-limited products.

Through the store, SHISEIDO aims to meet new customers and improve recognition and understanding of the brand, stimulating the curious minds of beauty explorers. SHISEIDO will also continue to help each customer around the world discover their hidden charms and lead a beautiful, enriched life.

Store information

■ Opening: April 2020
■ Address: ”Hankyu-Hanshin Ginza 3-chome Project” Ginza 3-chome 103-10, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
■ No. of floors: 3 floors (Whole building: 11 floors above ground, 1 underground floor)
■ SHISEIDO official website: https://brand.shiseido.co.jp/


SHISEIDO is a prestige brand that represents the Shiseido Group. Available in 85 countries and regions, it offers skincare, makeup, sunscreen, and fragrance products. In recent years, brand sales are growing particularly in China, Travel Retail, and Japan. Born in Ginza, SHISEIDO hopes to grow as a global prestige brand along with its town of origin, one beloved by customers around the world and one in which Japanese take pride.

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