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Nov. 20, 2018

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Shiseido Appoints Grand Slam Tennis Champion Naomi Osaka as Brand Ambassador in Global Agreement

Shiseido has entered a global agreement with Grand Slam women’s singles tennis champion Naomi Osaka. Ms. Osaka joins Shiseido as its new brand ambassador as of November 20, 2018.
* Ambassador agreement in cosmetics category

Since turning pro in 2013, Ms. Osaka has climbed the international ranks and rocked the sport with her historic achievements. This year, she became the first Japanese winner of the US Open women’s singles title, ranking 5th worldwide in this category, and qualified for the highly competitive WTA Finals (which accepts only the top 8 players).
At the same time, Shiseido this year launched the New Three-Year Plan as the second phase of its ambitious VISION 2020 strategy to “Be a Global Winner with Our Heritage”. Shiseido never stops innovating and changing to best support the lives of consumers worldwide through beauty. With our ever-stronger foundations and upgraded global structure, like Naomi, we are always striving to improve ourselves. We are never satisfied, always challenging the status quo. As Ms. Osaka gives her best, we too are taking on various new initiatives, challenging the world and reaching for new heights.

We believe we share with Ms. Osaka the same challenging spirit and world-winning mindset, embracing internationalism while expressing our roots. For this reason, Shiseido is proud to enter this global agreement, which starts with Naomi as an ambassador of ANESSA*1 and bareMinerals*2.
Going forward, Shiseido enthusiastically supports Ms. Osaka in taking on the world through new achievements, innovations, and beauty.

*1 ANESSA: Shiseido’s sunscreen brand with concept of “beauty sunscreen”. Supports and protects Ms. Osaka’s beautiful skin from sun damage by UV-rays to the end, while she wages battle on the outdoor courts in training and tournaments under daily harsh UV rays.
*2 bareMinerals: Shiseido’s U.S.-based clean beauty brand which handles high-performance natural cosmetics made with skin loving minerals and plant-based ingredients. As a leader of clean beauty pioneer in the world, we are supporting Ms. Osaka’s beauty potential.

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