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Dec. 28, 2015

Publisher: Shiseido

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Aesthetic Music Software SHISEIDO OMOTENASHI Sound Developed

Shiseido’s Hospitality of Sounds that Touches on the Skin and Heart

Shiseido Co., Ltd. has developed the SHISEIDO OMOTENASHI Sound*1, aesthetic music software that enhances the power of touching the skin, with the aim of snuggling up to the customer’s skin and heart and deepening our hospitality further. “By introducing this sound when treating the skin as “acoustic beauty care,” we will make skin care techniques by our beauty consultants (“BC”) and skin care by the customers on their own “even more enjoyable and beautiful.”


The “SHISEIDO OMOTENASHI Sound” is composed based on the movements of touching the skin by combining “comfortable rhythms” with “the sound of water droplets.” By enhancing hospitality through sounds, this music software allows the customer to appreciate the comfort of skin care techniques or feel of cosmetics even more keenly.
In developing this sound, muscle potentials*2 were measured of the arm when Beauty Specialists*3 chosen from among 10 thousand BCs from around the country performed skin care techniques. We then selected the optimal tempo when we perform skin care based on that data. With this tempo as an image source, using the sound of water droplets, Shiseido co-produced this sound with music composer Mr. Junichi Kamiyama*4. The sound of water droplets conjures up a feel of hydrating the skin while the comfort you feel when you touch the skin gently is represented through smooth melody.

*2 Electric voltage generated when muscles move
*4 Has composed a great many tunes with nature as material. A member of the Japan Composers and Arrangers Association.

How to Promote “SHISEIDO OMOTENASHI Sound”

1. Use by BCs’ skin care treatment at the Sales Counter and for Educational Activities
We have been distributing the “SHISEIDO OMOTENASHI Sound” to the “Beauty Tablet (B-TAB),” a mobile tablet that BCs use when treating customers in Japan, since November. We will use the sound when giving skin care treatment at the sales counter as well as for activities to educate BCs.

2. Use by Customers Themselves for Skin Care at Home
Shiseido’s general beauty website “Watashi +”*5 distributes the “SHISEIDO OMOTENASHI Sound” .
Along with this sound, we deliver tips and know-how on beauty in the form of a video so that our customers may be able to use when treating the skin on their own.

For further information, please refer to the PDF.

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