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Mar. 21, 2024

Publisher: Shiseido

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Shiseido selected as a ”Nadeshiko Brand” for the fourth consecutive year

Shiseido has been selected for the fourth consecutive year as a ”Nadeshiko Brand,” a recognition given by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) to listed companies that excel in promoting women's active participation. The company has been recognized for offering support to all employees to help them steadily develop their career from recruitment to promotion and find balance between empowerment in the workplace and child rearing (i.e., dual-career and co-parenting), both of which promote women’s empowerment in the workplace, which contributes to enhancing corporate value.

The Nadeshiko Brand

Since 2012, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) have jointly been selecting listed companies that are outstanding in terms of encouraging women's empowerment in the workplace and designating them as “Nadeshiko Brands.” This initiative aims to introduce the listed companies designated as Nadeshiko Brands as attractive stocks to investors who place an emphasis on improving corporate value in the mid- and long-term, thereby further encouraging investment in such companies and accelerating efforts by the designated companies. In light of recent trends emphasizing human capital management, METI and TSE have been selecting outstanding companies for designation, focusing not only on companies’ efforts to encourage women's empowerment in the workplace, but also on whether they provide systems and measures to promote women's empowerment that are linked to management strategies and on whether these initiatives contribute to improving corporate value.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) within Shiseido

Shiseido has positioned diversity, equity & inclusion (DE&I) as a key pillar of its management strategy to create an organizational culture that continues to innovate by recognizing and respecting individual differences regardless of gender, age, nationality, etc., in pursuit of its corporate mission of “BEAUTY INNOVATIONS FOR A BETTER WORLD.”
The company is particularly proactive in promoting the active participation of women in Japan and aims for gender ratio of 50:50, a symbol of equal opportunity, at all the management level within the country by 2030. As of January 1, 2024, the percentage of women among Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board members is 40.0%*1, and the percentage of female managers within the domestic Shiseido Group is 40.0% (preliminary figures). In addition, the company’s ”Next Leadership Session for Women” program offers three different courses for candidates for next group managers, department / division heads, and executive officers, reinforcing our leadership pipeline to steadily develop the next generation of leaders.
We are also implementing the ”Shiseido Hybrid Work Style,” which allows employees to work flexibly without core time and combine remote work and office work according to the purpose of the work. In addition, to meet the childcare needs of working parents, in April 2023, we started the childcare support service ”KANGAROOM+”*2 for a wide range of ages, from infants to elementary school students, through our subsidiary KODOMOLOGY Co., Ltd. We support employees who are raising children through babysitting services, kids programs held during long school holidays, new parent training ”KODOMOLOGY Ikutore,” and postpartum childcare support.
Our Chairman and CEO, Masahiko Uotani, serves as the chair of the ”30% Club Japan,” which aims to increase the proportion of women on the boards of companies in Japan*3, and the chair of Diversity & Inclusion Committee of the Japan Business Federation. He is also active in efforts to eliminate the gender gap in Japanese society as a whole.
In 2023, we established the ”Shiseido DE&I Lab,” an internal research institution that studies the relationship between the success of human resources with diverse backgrounds and corporate growth, and conducts empirical research. By disclosing research results and our past efforts, we aim to contribute to the growth of the Japanese economy through realization of DE&I.

*1 After the conclusion of the 124th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (scheduled for March 26, 2024), the percentage is expected to be 45.4%. The company plans to transition to a “Company with Three Statutory Committees” upon the conclusion of the meeting, and, therefore, the ratio (45.4%) is based on the number of women comprising the Company's Board of Directors after the transition is completed. 
*2 A service for employees of our company and affiliated companies
*3 Women on boards are defined as directors and auditors

*The content of the release is correct as of the time of release, but please note that it may in some cases differ from the latest information.