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Mar. 15, 2023

Publisher: Shiseido


Shiseido Life Quality Makeup Wins Gold Award at IAUD International Design Award

Shiseido Company, Limited (“Shiseido”) has received the Gold Award at the IAUD International Design Award in the category of Social Inclusion for its social activity, “Shiseido Life Quality Makeup.” By virtue of this activity, the company has been able to support people with profound skin concerns through the power of makeup. The IAUD International Design Award hosted by the International Association for Universal Design (IAUD) recognizes organizations and individuals who are actively engaged in realizing a universal design in society and helping people live more freely and comfortably.

Through the many years of Shiseido Life Quality Makeup activities, Shiseido has been developing products and beauty information content in addition to providing free counseling services for those who have profound skin concerns, such as birthmarks, burn marks, scars, and changes in appearance due to illness and treatments. This year, these efforts were recognized as the embodiment of the power of makeup, and the ongoing effort to develop products based on inclusive thinking and design resulted in this award.
This award marks the fourth since 2019, when Shiseido was awarded the Gold Award for “LAVENDER RING MAKEUP & PHOTOS WITH SMILES supported by Shiseido,” an event supporting people living with cancer.

IAUD Awards Shiseido received

・2018 The brand PRIOR (Gold Award in the category of Fashion)
・2019 “LAVENDER RING MAKEUP & PHOTOS WITH SMILES supported by Shiseido” (Gold Award in the category of Social Design)
・2020 “Shiseido's Inclusive Approach to Space Design” (Silver Award in the category of Communication Design)
・2020 The brand BAUM (Bronze Award in the category of Sustainable Design)

Shiseido Life Quality Makeup

Shiseido has long been engaged in social contribution and research activities with the aim of ensuring people’s well-being through the power of beauty. It is promoting the Shiseido Life Quality Beauty, an activity that helps people take a step forward to leading fulfilling lives in their own way, no matter how old they are, whether or not they have an illness or disability, and communicating a message that beauty contributes not only to physical and mental satisfaction but also to social satisfaction*1.
Most importantly, the company organizes a social activity that offers makeup consultations, “Shiseido Life Quality Makeup,” in Japan and overseas in a bid to help improve the quality of life (QOL) of people who have skin issues such as burn marks, scars, birthmarks, vitiligo, and changes in appearance from cancer treatment. It also participates in the LAVENDER RING project to support people living with cancer.
*1 Social satisfaction: A state of being able to maintain connections with society and people.

Today, with advancements in treatment technology and early detection, the number of cancer patients who hold jobs while undergoing medical treatment is growing. In response to their needs, the Shiseido Life Quality Makeup holds “Appearance Care for People with Cancer*2” seminars throughout Japan targeting medical professionals and people with cancer to address specific cosmetic concerns and appearance changes (skin discoloration, loss of eyebrows and eyelashes, etc.), which arise as side effects of cancer treatment.
In 2022, Shiseido has also started to regularly hold the “Makeup Advice Seminar” at Mitsui Garden Hotel Kashiwa-no-ha Park Side in Chiba Prefecture, in cooperation with Shiseido Japan Company, Limited, UDCK Town Management, Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., and the National Cancer Center Hospital East, to alleviate worries and concerns about appearance changes from cancer treatment. Every year, the National Cancer Center Hospital East, which is located nearby and has one of the most advanced research and treatment systems in Japan, receives nearly 300,000 cancer patients from Japan and abroad. Through the Makeup Advice Seminar, Shiseido aims to alleviate the anxieties of people with cancer with respect to their skin appearances so that they can fulfill their personal lives in good spirits while undergoing cancer treatment. This seminar is open to everyone, including people not staying at the hotel.

*The content of the release is correct as of the time of release, but please note that it may in some cases differ from the latest information.