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Mar. 30, 2022

Publisher: Shiseido


Shiseido Joins “The Global Parity Alliance”

Shiseido Company, Limited (“Shiseido”) will join “The Global Parity Alliance” (hereinafter “Global Parity Alliance”) launched by the World Economic Forum* in collaboration with McKinsey & Company on Wednesday, March 30, 2022 with the aim of accelerating diversity, equity, and inclusion (“DE&I”).

The “Global Parity Alliance” is a cross-industry group of global organizations, and Shiseido will participate as one of the founding members. In total, there are 23 founding members from diverse industries around the world. We aim to efficiently promote the DE&I outcomes in a timely manner not only in the workplace but also in society as a whole through our activities including the sharing of DE&I initiatives and improvements. We will also continue to call for further participation.

While having our employees recognize and respect individual differences regardless of gender, age, or nationality, we will address various social issues including gender equality. Additionally, we will work on creating innovative value by promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace to accelerate “DE&I” through our core beauty business.

*The World Economic Forum promotes exchanges among leaders in political, economic, and academic fields to address global economic issues. It acts as an independent nonprofit organization and is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

*The content of the release is correct as of the time of release, but please note that it may in some cases differ from the latest information.