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Nov. 17, 2021

Publisher: Shiseido

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Shiseido Formulates its Unique R&D Philosophy “DYNAMIC HARMONY”

- Further accelerating innovation through five research approaches -

Shiseido Company, Limited (“Shiseido”) has newly formulated its unique research and development (R&D) philosophy “DYNAMIC HARMONY” with the aim of strengthening its R&D activities. DYNAMIC HARMONY is derived from the origins of Shiseido, a fusion of the Western science and Eastern wisdom, which has been pursued since our founding in the Meiji era as Japan’s first private Western-style pharmacy. We have redefined and articulated our strengths as our unique R&D concept of creating unique unprecedented value by fusing seemingly opposite, oil-and-water values.
Amid the ever-diversifying social environment and consumer needs, radical innovation is vital for a company to achieve continuous growth. Based on this viewpoint, we will try to visualize our strengths and uniqueness in the R&D field both internally and externally through the establishment of five research approaches and maximize the capabilities of researchers from diverse backgrounds around the world. Through these initiatives, we will accelerate the creation of innovation aiming to further strengthen our R&D division and provide new products and better services based on our corporate mission “BEAUTY INNOVATIONS FOR A BETTER WORLD”.

Five Research Approaches

Our R&D philosophy “DYNAMIC HARMONY” is focused on the five research approaches: 1) Inside/Outside, to draw out beauty from inside and outside the skin; 2) Functionality/Japan Quality, to deliver reliable results of quality that is expected of Japan; 3) Science/Creativity, to pursue users’ sensibilities via science; 4) Premium/Sustainability, to achieve both a sense of premium/luxury and coexistence with the environment; 5) Individual/Universal, to better understand consumers and provide them with the best tailored beauty experience. We will deepen the research areas in which we have long been specialized and respond quickly and flexibly to changes in the social environment and consumer needs. At the same time, we will continue to evolve ourselves, constantly reviewing and revising our research approaches and creating a sixth and seventh approach in the future.

Elucidate the mechanisms that connect the body, mind, skin, and external environment, etc. and draw out the natural, healthy beauty of our users based on holistic thinking.
[Functionality/Japan Quality]
High-level balance of undeniable functionality beyond expectations and close attention to safety, security, and other quality aspects that only Japan can provide.
In order to make a variety of consumers truly satisfied, uncover latent subjective sensitivities and feelings through objective science, and offer unprecedented feelings and experiences of beauty and comfort.
Step up to the challenge of creating sustainable value unique to Shiseido, which balances the satisfaction stemming from the results, high-quality design, and feel of our products with respect for and coexistence between people, society, and the global environment.
Create unique value that meets the needs of consumers with diverse values by leveraging the vast amount of consumer information we have accumulated over the years around the world and offering the best personalized solutions.

The DYNAMIC HARMONY special video youtube link

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