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Oct. 18, 2019

Publisher: Shiseido

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Booklet to Offer Advice on Appearance Changes Due to Cancer Treatment

Shiseido Company, Limited (“Shiseido”) will release a booklet “Beauty Book for Cancer Patients” on Monday, October 21, 2019 to offer beauty information and skincare and makeup techniques to cover specific cosmetic problems and appearance changes caused by the side effects of cancer treatment (such as skin discoloration and loss of eyebrows and eyelashes).

To date, Shiseido has conducted research and developed beauty information to provide makeup advice in partnership with medical institutions and cancer support organizations. By issuing a booklet with beauty information accumulated through these activities, we can now offer easier access to more complete information for use by many cancer patients and their families as well as medical professionals.

About “Beauty Book for Cancer Patients”

The “Beauty Book for Cancer Patients” aims to help cancer patients fulfill their lives as their true selves by supporting them with the power of makeup in dealing with their skin concerns, loss of eyebrows and eyelashes, and hair and hand care problems due to cancer treatment. The side effects of cancer treatment are various—some people feel their skin is more sensitive while others find it difficult to define their eyebrows. There is also the issue that sweat easily gets into the eyes due to loss of eyebrows, and the loss of eyelashes may create a blurry look around the eyes, or cause teary eyes as dust easily enter the eyes. In addition to addressing these concerns, the booklet includes hand and hair care tips that cover dry fingertips and cracks on the nails, etc. so that it can offer beauty information tailored to patients’ specific concerns.

The “Beauty Book for Cancer Patients” will be used not only in medical institutions in and outside Japan but also in companies and patient groups supporting cancer patients in some regions in Asia where Life Quality Makeup is available. Furthermore, for cancer patients and others seeking beauty information to quickly and easily access the Beauty Book, it is also available to read and download from the Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center website.

Currently, due to advancements in treatment technology and early detection, patients are more likely to live with cancer for a longer period of time, and the number of cancer patients who hold jobs while undergoing medical treatment is growing. Consequently, more patients are more sensitive about their appearance changes, and thus the need for cover makeup is also increasing. Shiseido will continue to work towards the realization of a society where cancer patients can fulfill their lives with smiles on their faces.

Overview of the booklet

1. Title: “Beauty Book for Cancer Patients”
2. Issued by: Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center
3. Contents: Section 1 Hand care, Section 2 Skincare, Section 3 Makeup, Section 4 Hair care, Section 5 Message
4. Size: A5 size, 31 pages in full color
5. Released: Monday, October 21, 2019. *Free distribution

Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center

Skin concerns such as birthmarks, vitiligo, appearance changes due to side effects of cancer treatment and skin unevenness (scars and burns, etc.) may deteriorate the quality of life. Shiseido works on the development of products and makeup techniques that cover these skin concerns under the name of “Shiseido Life Quality Makeup”. The dedicated facility “Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center” provides advice on makeup techniques according to the needs of each individual who has concerns over appearance changes, and is currently active centering on the Asian region.

*The content of the release is correct as of the time of release, but please note that it may in some cases differ from the latest information.