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Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

We answer questions that are often asked by customers.

Beauty seminar

Q:What is the "Shiseido Cosmetic Therapy Program"?

A:It is a method that aims to extend healthy life expectancy by maintaining and improving mental and physical functions and QOL (quality of life) through cosmetic activities such as skin care and makeup.

Beauty-related facilities


A:“SHISEIDO THE STORE,” which is located in Ginza, Japan where Shiseido originated, is a total beauty facility to respond to various needs regarding beauty.

Q:What is "Shiseido Life Quality Makeup"?

A:It is a social contribution activity that uses makeup to cover various skin problems and concerns about your appearance such as bruises, dark spots, vitiligo, uneven skin (scars, burn marks, etc.), side effects of cancer treatment (hair loss in eyebrows and eyelashes and changes in skin pigmentation such as severe dullness), and post-surgery (scars, tumor removal, etc.).
We are developing the exclusive product "Perfect Cover Foundation" and beauty information. At the dedicated facility, the Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center, professionally trained staff will ask you about your concerns, help you apply makeup, and teach you how to practice on your own. (free of charge)

Corporate culture facilities, etc.

Q:Please tell us about “Shiseido Gallery.”

A:“Shiseido Gallery,” which opened in 1919, is the oldest existing gallery in Japan.

Q:What does “Shiseido Corporate Museum” offer?

A:“Shiseido Corporate Museum” collects and displays cosmetics, advertisements, and images, etc. from the time of the company's founding to the present.

Q:Please tell us about “Shiseido Art House.”

A:“Shiseido Art House” displays works of art which have been collected through the Shiseido Gallery's activities.