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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We answer questions that are often asked by customers recently.

Answers for beauty-related facilities

“SHISEIDO THE STORE,” which is located in Ginza, Japan where Shiseido originated, is a total beauty facility to respond to various needs regarding beauty.

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Answers for corporate culture facilities, and others

Please tell us about “Shiseido Gallery.”
“Shiseido Gallery,” which opened in 1919, is the oldest existing gallery in Japan.

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What does “Shiseido Corporate Museum” offer?
“Shiseido Corporate Museum” collects and displays cosmetics, advertisements, and images, etc. from the time of the company's founding to the present.

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Please tell us about “Shiseido Art House.”
“Shiseido Art House” displays works of art which have been collected through the Shiseido Gallery's activities.