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Mar. 26, 2024

Publisher: Shiseido

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Shiseido’s Beauty Key Wins iF DESIGN AWARD 2024, One of World’s Three Major Design Awards

Shiseido’s Beauty Key, a membership service that offers personalized beauty solutions, won an iF DESIGN AWARD 2024, one of the three major design awards in the world.
Among 11,000 entries from 72 countries and regions, Beauty Key was given high ratings for the criteria of Form, Idea, Functionality and Impact in the Communication Design discipline, App & Software category.
Beauty Key launched in September 2022 as Shiseido’s official smartphone application that consolidates Shiseido’s various membership services provided by the individual brands and sales channels such as stores and EC platforms. The name Beauty Key implies a key to opening the door to the attainment of personal beauty. Users can receive beauty services and membership benefits anytime anywhere.
This time, the application was recognized not only for the beauty of its visual design that very much represents Shiseido, but also for its user-friendliness for all ages and genders, and its offering of life-long support and solutions, also a brand concept of Beauty Key.
Last year, Beauty Key won awards at the Red Dot Design Awards 2023, another one of the three major design awards in the world, in addition to an award at the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2023 in Japan.


The iF International Forum Design in Hannover, Germany, has been organizing the iF DESIGN AWARD since 1954. As the oldest independent design institution in the world, the iF International Forum Design hosts the iF DESIGN AWARD, one of the world’s most prestigious design awards, every year, to select and award outstanding designs. The Award has nine disciplines: Product Design, Packaging Design, Communication Design, Service Design, Architecture, Interior Architecture, Professional Concept, User Experience (UX), and User Interface (UI).
*All winning designs are showcased on the following website.

About Shiseido Interactive Beauty

Shiseido entered into a strategic partnership with Accenture in 2021 and established a joint venture company, Shiseido Interactive Beauty Ltd. (“SIB”) to promote the transformation and establishment of an organizational structure of a digital-driven business. Beauty Key was developed by SIB with the aim of creating and advancing a personalized customer experience through integrating online and offline data. Through these activities, SIB is promoting a business model innovation in the Japanese market in a bid to contribute to making Shiseido the No. 1 Global Data-Driven Skin Beauty Company.


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