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Sep. 20, 2023

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Shiseido Launches Full-Scale Operation of Inner Beauty Business as First Step into Wellness Business Field

~ Creating a new market through the fusion of beauty and wellness with Tsumura and Kagome ~

Shiseido Company, Limited (“Shiseido”) will begin full-scale operation of its Inner Beauty Business as a first step toward venturing into the wellness business field with the launch of its new brand, SHISEIDO BEAUTY WELLNESS (“SBW”) in February 2024. The aim of this brand is to help people pursue their own unique beauty and wellness.
As the first step, SBW conducts joint research and development of its products with TSUMURA & CO. (“Tsumura”) and Kagome Co., Ltd. (“Kagome”) and sell these products throughout Japan. From 2025 onward, SBW will be launched in the Asian market, including China.
Going forward, SBW will work together with its partner companies, each a professional in their respective fields, to offer new beauty solutions created through bringing harmony to the skin, body, and mind. SBW will also engage in new market development by proposing this new beauty and wellness routine as “J-Beauty Wellness” and communicate it globally.


Driven by its corporate mission, “BEAUTY INNOVATIONS FOR A BETTER WORLD,” Shiseido aspires to “Be a Global Winner with Our Heritage,” and aims to position itself as a “Personal Beauty Wellness Company” by 2030 with the purpose of creating a sustainable world where people can experience happiness through the power of beauty. To achieve this, Shiseido is reinforcing its skin beauty brands by leveraging its expertise and R&D capabilities in skin care, one of its strengths, and cultivating new promising business opportunities.
In the recent years’ changes in the global environment and social issues, leading an authentic and healthy life has become increasingly important, and people are seeking more mental and physical well-being in their everyday lives. A Shiseido survey*1 revealed that 74% of women in their 20s to 60s feel that the skin, body, and mind are connected, and 72% think that it is necessary to take care of the body from the inside out in order to stay healthy and beautiful. In addition, 96% of Shiseido’s Personal Beauty Partners who offer beauty advice in stores, receive health and nutrition inquiries from consumers. In response, Shiseido will launch its Inner Beauty Business in February 2024 as a first step toward the development of a wellness business.
Shiseido will continue to create new value through the fusion of beauty and wellness, and to realize a better world, strive to help people live longer lives in a more beautiful and fulfilling way.
*1 A survey conducted by Shiseido in 2023 (n=23,408, women in their 20s to 60s,in Japan)


SBW aims to realize a comfortable and personal “beauty wellness” for everyone through their everyday lives as the brand believes that beauty is not only about appearance or skin condition, but also about the overall harmony between the skin, body, and mind.
The brand name expresses Shiseido’s desire to support the achievement of a “Beauty Wellness Life” by nurturing people’s beauty every day from the inside out and drawing out their unique beauty.
SBW will develop products and services through the co-creation of partner companies, leveraging Shiseido’s expertise in beauty and its understanding of the relationship between the skin, body, and mind that has accumulated over the 100 years of life science research and data science.

Co-creation with TSUMURA & CO. and Kagome Co., Ltd.

This opportunity resulted in SBW reaching an agreement to promote joint research and development of products and services as the brand shares a common desire with the two companies of “realizing a better world.” Tsumura, with its corporate purpose of “Lively Living for Everyone”, and its long-term management vision, “Cho-WA (harmony): Creating a Future of Harmony,” will be exerting its strength in herbal medicines and the body and mind connection, while Kagome with its vision of transforming from a “tomato company” to a “vegetable company,” will be exerting it strength in the research and development of vegetable beverages and foods that maximize the flavors and benefits of nature’s gifts, such as tomatoes and other vegetables and fruits, for health.
SBW will advance joint research and development of products and services with TSUMURA, an expert on Kampo herbal medicines, inspired by the “Five Organs of Oriental Thought,*2” and with Kagome, a leading company in manufacturing vegetable-based products, inspired by its belief of “the power of vegetables.”
*2 Liver, heart, spleen, lung, and kidney.

*The content of the release is correct as of the time of release, but please note that it may in some cases differ from the latest information.