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Nov. 25, 2022

Publisher: Shiseido

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Shiseido and DeNA Life Science Sign Comprehensive Partnership Agreement on Data Analysis

Shiseido Company, Limited (”Shiseido”) and DeNA Life Science, Inc. (”DeNA Life Science”), a subsidiary company of DeNA Co., Ltd. (”DeNA”), have concluded a comprehensive partnership agreement on data analysis, which went into effect on Thursday, November 24, 2022.
Shiseido aims to create services that help each and every customer to realize their own unique beauty using the latest technologies. To this end, we are advancing the highly accurate analysis of data on the skin, body, and mind, as well as those pertaining to beauty care and lifestyle, which we have accumulated over the years in various areas of research and from consumer contacts including retail stores. Under the present partnership agreement, we will bring in the technological prowess of DeNA Group, the experience of DeNA Life Science in the development of healthcare solutions based on their research, and DeNA Life Science’s knowhow that they have developed through collaborative research with academia and various companies, thereby moving toward the goal of achieving speedy and highly accurate analyses. In addition, the results of those analyses will be used to create services based on Shiseido's novel and unique vision of Beauty Wellness, with a focus on the relationships among the skin, body, and mind.


Shiseido aims to realize a sustainable world where everyone can enjoy a lifetime of happiness through the power of beauty, guided by the company’s vision to become a ” PERSONAL BEAUTY WELLNESS COMPANY ” that contributes to a lifetime of unique and healthy beauty for each and every one. In the area of research and development, we are accumulating knowledge regarding physical activities, such as walking, through collaborative research with a startup company*1, and we have also established a joint research program with Hirosaki University Graduate School of Medicine with the goal of promoting studies on the science of the skin, body, and mind and facilitating their social implementation*2.
As the next step toward the realization of our vision, we will elucidate the link among the skin, body, and mind, and will continue to work on the development of services based on Shiseido’s novel and unique vision of Beauty Wellness, which will not only allow us to improve the current skin condition and predict the state of skin in the future but also contribute to the prevention of skin problems through holistic approaches not limited to cosmetic products.
*1: Shiseido’s Open Innovation Program”fibona” Establishes a New Basis for Methods to Evaluate Beautiful Walking Posture in Collaboration with a Startup Company (2022) (Japanese only)
*2: Shiseido and Hirosaki University Graduate School of Medicine Jointly Establish Research Program ” Department of Beauty Wellness Science” (2022)

Purpose of the Comprehensive Partnership Agreement

”Comprehensive Partnership Agreement on Data Analysis of Life Science and Customer Information”
● Use of resources related to life science and data analysis owned by both parties
(e.g., joint analysis of data owned by Shiseido using DeNA Life Science’s technology)
● Development of logic and formula regarding relationships between the skin and various factors (such as body, mind, and lifestyle) based on analysis results

Reference: Company Profile

●DeNA Life Science, Inc.
DeNA Life Science, Inc. has been offering ”MYCODE,” a direct-to-consumer genetic testing service, and ”MYCODE Research,” a genome research project with user participation. The company aims to extend people's healthy lifespans through the use of ”engagement science,” which puts to use knowhow DeNA has cultivated through its gaming and sports businesses to engage people in continuing and enjoying the use of such services, and ”community-derived science,” which keeps services and users connected through community.

*The content of the release is correct as of the time of release, but please note that it may in some cases differ from the latest information.