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Sep. 21, 2022

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SHISEIDO Launches Sustainable Beauty Actions “SEE,SAY,DO.” Project

SHISEIDO Sustainalbe Beauty Actions
SHISEIDO builds an interactive website and the SEE, SAY, DO. Program for companies and organizations, to combat unconscious perceptions and biases that limit the individual beauty.

Brand SHISEIDO, which markets in 88 countries and regions across the globe, pursues the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through Sustainable Beauty Actions project. As part of this initiative, SHISEIDO has developed the SEE, SAY, DO. Project based on the idea of EMPATHY and will unveil a special website allowing users to experience Unconscious Beauty Bias (UBB; unconscious perceptions and biases that limit the individual beauty) on Wednesday, September 21, 2022. We will also create a SEE, SAY, DO. Program that considers UBB for companies and organizations, beginning to offer it on the same day.

SHISEIDO has worked on Sustainable Beauty Actions (SBAS) as a SDGs initiative since October 2020. The SBAS are built upon three key pillars of MOTTAINAI (recycle and reuse), HARMONY (with society and the environment) and EMPATHY(resonate with all), and SHISEIDO has previously taken specific actions aligned with the pillars of MOTTAINAI and HARMONY. Now, in launching action for the third pillar of EMPATHY, SHISEIDO will develop the SEE, SAY, DO. Project. The project highlights UBB as a first step toward realizing the world SHISEIDO strives for, where everyone, regardless of gender, age, nationality or any other personal attribute, can enjoy their unique lives and empathize with one another’s individual beauty.

SEE,SAY,DO. Project

Although UBB is present in our immediate surroundings, its words and actions are not recognized as bias that impedes people’s achievement of individuality. SHISEIDO believes it is important to be aware of the realities of UBB in the world in order to eliminate it. Under the supervision of Dr. Lisa Jenkins, we conducted an online, qualitative survey*1 in ten countries worldwide (Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and the United States), collecting 5,000 personal experiences to shed light on UBB around the world before the project.

Survey supervisor Dr. Jenkins commented, “Shiseido Corporation has strived for innovation in beauty for 150 years. I’m glad they’ve taken a new step against UBB, which has caused issues for people all over the world. This survey by SHISEIDO clarified UBB’s impact on society. We have to change the preconceived notions and culture that make us think we’re not beautiful. I have faith that we can evolve the definition of beauty and confront our UBB to free people from discrimination, bullying, harassment and violence and make the world a place where people can live their rightful, beautiful lives, as exemplified in Shiseido Corporation’s mission of “BEAUTY INNOVATIONS FOR A BETTER WORLD.”

*1 Countries and regions surveyed: Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and the United States/Sample size: 500 testimonies per country × 10 countries for a total of 5,000 testimonies/Implementation period: November 8-25, 2021

Survey supervisor: Dr. Lisa Jenkins
Dr. Lisa D. Jenkins is a motivational speaker with over 30 years of experience. She has managed many seminars and workshops in a unique style known for encouraging people to have purpose and lead transformation.

■SEE: Learn about UBB
To deepen understanding of UBB, the SEE phase, the project’s first stage, will unveil an interactive website introducing testimonials and personal experiences, collected in a global survey, on Wednesday, September 21.
UBB Experience Website URL : https://www.sbas-empathy.shiseido.com/seesaydo/en/seeubb/
*The link above can be viewed from 1 p.m. on September 21.

■SAY: Talk about UBB
In the SAY phase, users will share and then discuss what they learned in SEE as well as their own experiences and thoughts. The first step will be the release of a video on Thursday, September 21 featuring Shiseido employees talking about what UBB is, how they each feel about it, and how to combat it. An Instagram filter will also be available from Thursday, September 21 as a tool to talk about people’s assumptions and biases, discuss real-life experiences of UBB and hear voices from around the world.
Web video : https://youtu.be/zw_5L6Q1oF8

■DO: Take action on UBB
The DO phase will sequentially unfold specific actions in order to share and take on the challenges of UBB around us, made clear in the previous SEE and SAY phases, with more people.
SHISEIDO created and began offering the SEE, SAY, DO. Program that considers UBB for companies and organizations as the first stage. By introducing the program in more companies and organizations going forward, we hope to strive for the realization of a world where the UBB in society is recognized and where there is no hindrance to achieving unique, individual beauty.

Web Video

SEE, SAY, DO. Program

We are opening a special website to be aware, discuss, and take action on UBB through SEE, SAY, DO. Program. Its purpose is to build a society where all people can respect one another’s diverse values and strive to be the vibrant, beautiful individuals they should be. The website’s content will share the realities of UBB made apparent in the global survey while also allowing users to deepen their understanding through group discussions recognizing UBB in daily life and general discussions contemplating the care that can be taken against UBB.

UBB preconceptions do not come only from the environment; there is also concern that they are promoted by corporate activities, such as by salespeople and in advertisements. It is also possible for people to hurt the feelings of those around them without knowing it if they are unaware of UBB, preventing the environment from being one where others can work comfortably. Respect for diverse values is especially important these days, as globalization progresses. We hope this program will also be used to help create a work environment where many employees are at ease doing their jobs.

Companies and organizations interested in the SEE, SAY, DO. Program can download details at the website below (Currently special website's language setting is limited to Japanese).
Special website: https://www.sbas-empathy.shiseido.com/seesaydo/ja/education/

Establishment of the SEE,SAY,DO. Project’s special website

The SEE, SAY, DO. Project will launch a new, special website as a space for communication and release the project’s concept video on the website on Thursday, September 21.

SEE, SAY, DO. film

Download Small Image[159KB]

SEE, SAY, DO. film

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Sustainable Beauty Actions Initiatives

The SBAS started in October 2020 uphold the three pillars of MOTTAINAI (recycle and reuse), HARMONY (with society and the environment) and EMPATHY, and SHISEIDO has previously taken specific actions aligned with the pillars of MOTTAINAI and HARMONY.

■MOTTAINAI (Recycle and Reuse)
As the first stage of the SBAS project, the new refill service ULTIMUNE FOUNTAIN began at the SHISEIDO GLOBAL FLAGSHIP STORE in November 2020. The service, inspired by the “MOTTAINAI spirit” of Japan to use items carefully and for a long time, was implemented as an action to reduce environmental impact. Eco and elevated, the SHISEIDO peach skin Eco-bag, crafted from recycled polyester, was also released exclusively in Japan in November 2021.

■HARMONY (perfect harmony with society and the environment)
The pillar of HARMONY upholds actions based on perfect harmony with people, society and nature. In November 2020, the SHISEIDO GLOBAL FLAGSHIP STORE launched the limited-quantity AquaGel Lip Palette in the world’s first cosmetics casing made from KANEKA biodegradable polymer PHBH*2.
In addition, we have encouraged ocean lovers from around the world to join hands in protecting and supporting the beaches we love, the oceans we depend on and the skin we live in along with the actions of the SHISEIDO BLUE PROJECT*3 we have implemented since 2019.

*2 A 100-percent plant-derived polymer independently developed by KANEKA. The material promises excellent biodegradability in a wide range of environments, including in the ocean and underground.
*3 SHISEIDO’s action to protect the ocean in collaboration with the World Surf League, the global home of surfing, and PURE, the World Surf League’s environmental initiative committed to inspire, educate and empower ocean protection.

In addition to establishing a special website, SBAS has also worked on creating an online community using “#ShiseidoSBAS.” We are taking action with society to transform our world into a better one by sharing thoughts on Sustainable Beauty and communicating with consumers using this hashtag.

■About brand SHISEIDO
SHISEIDO is the key global prestige brand of the Shiseido Group that markets skincare, makeup, suncare, and fragrance products in 88 countries and regions around the world. It brings out the beauty of each individual customer for the healthy vibrance of both mind and body through skincare and makeup products developed using the latest technologies.


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