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Jun. 1, 2022

Publisher: Shiseido

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Cosmetics Brand for Gen Z Men “SIDEKICK” Makes its Debut

Shiseido Company Limited (“Shiseido”) will launch the skincare brand SIDEKICK (8 products, 8 items), which focuses on the Gen-Z-specific skin concerns, in order to support Generation Z men in Asia in pursuing their own unique lifestyles. The products will be available from June 1, 2022 in Japan through SHISEIDO Beauty Square, a hands-on, communication spot where people can discover, play, and share Shiseido’s beauty products and services, and from July 1, 2022 in China mainly through EC channels.

Background of brand launch

We have positioned skin beauty as our core business and are expanding our skincare and other skin beauty brands in pursuit of becoming the world’s leader in this field by 2030. We are also working on the development of men’s cosmetics in the skin beauty category. With the launch of SIDEKICK, we will focus on China where the men’s cosmetics market is booming and will target mainly the Gen-Z market whose growth rate is particularly high.
At the same time, in response to changing lifestyles and diversifying values, we will grasp the unique values of Generation Z and present a new, inspirational image of luxury.
Through these efforts, we strive to make SIDEKICK a Japanese men’s cosmetics brand strongly supported by Gen-Z men in Asia.


SIDEKICK is a premium skincare brand for Gen-Z men based on the brand’s core value of “hybrid” that combines two different elements to create new value.
The SIDEKICK hybrid skincare products are formulated by combining naturally-derived ingredients with advanced technologies, and not only address the specific skin problems of Gen-Z men, such as oily skin and dry skin, but also support the skin’s moisture barrier function with each use creating a skin environment that is more resilient.
Furthermore, the brand expresses its radical dynamic worldview by valuing a concept created through updating the existing luxury with one’s unique individuality and defining it as “new luxury”.
SIDEKICK acts not merely as a “buddy” who supports Gen Z men in daily skincare but also as a pioneer who always provides inspiration to those who give their all in their personal and professional lives and supports them in expressing their individuality.

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