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Apr. 19, 2022

Publisher: Shiseido

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New Skincare Brand “Ulé” to be Launched in France

Shiseido announced the launch of new prestige skincare brand “Ulé”, which is developed on the “Conscious Beauty” philosophy, aiming at realizing a healthy beauty through inner and outer beauty approaches with nature-origin ingredients. Eight products including skincare and supplements at the price range of €30-119 will be first launched on May 2, 2022, available on the brand’s e-commerce site and a brand boutique in Paris. In recent years, the “Conscious Beauty” philosophy has become pivotal to skincare. Consumers want to use cosmetics products which are not only good to their skin and wellness, but also good to the environment. Besides efficacy and safety, they want to know information such as the sources of the ingredients and packages, or the environmental impacts before they choose the products.

Background of Ulé

Ulé’s development from concept creating to product development has been led by Shiseido EMEA’s employees who gave an eye to the Conscious Beauty trend. It is developed based on the skincare technology, which is the strength of Shiseido Group, and through open innovation with start-ups and experts including nutritionists and botanists. In addition to product efficacy, Ulé also focuses on “responsible sourcing”, “product safety”, “environmental impact reduction”, and “transparency” and is a brand that is high quality as well as friendly to the environment.

Under the mission of “BEAUTY INNOVATIONS FOR A BETTER WORLD”, Ulé strengthens Shiseido Group’s skin beauty portfolio. Through the launch of Ulé, Shiseido continues to pursue its goal of solving social issues, creating new values, and building a sustainable world that allows us to live in harmony every day.

About Ulé

Ulé’s cosmetics and supplement products aims at realizing a healthy skin - from the outside and the inside.

【Responsible Sourcing】
- To pursue traceability of ingredients and to lessen the environmental impact caused by shipping, Ulé increases the ratio of local sourcing (84%*1 of the ingredients sourced in France).
- Partnering with Tower Farm, a start-up that drives to develop an urban agriculture model through responsible local indoor production, Ulé built a vertical farm*2 near Paris, France. By growing the three key exotic plants in Ulé’s farm, the brand relies less on global sourcing without limiting its ingredients/plants. This allows for maintaining the shortest supply chain possible and lessening the environmental impact, while producing fresh, pesticide free, and fully traceable plants for Ulé.

*1 average of all products
*2 vertical farm is a farm producing the plants vertically in a building or on an inclined surface. The factors including light, temperature, humidity can be controlled to ensure stable supply and quality control. A total of 19 controls can be adjusted at Shiseido’s farm.

【Product efficacy and safety】
- Ulé extract technology allows it to extract ingredients from the entire plant, resulting in 96% minimum ingredients of natural origin (based on ISO 16128*3),
- Ulé carefully selects the ingredients it uses. Among all the ingredients that we permitted to be used in cosmetics, Ulé bans 1,400 ingredients in its products based on its own standard.
- All products have been dermatologically tested on sensitive skin, and the skin benefits from all the natural ingredients have been clinically tested.

*3 ISO 16128 defines the nature and organic claims of cosmetics products as well as the calculation of the nature and organic ratio of products

【Initiative to lessen environmental impacts】
- All production and packaging are conducted in Shiseido’s factory in Ormes, France to lessen the environmental impact caused by shipping.
- Ulé uses bio-sourced materials in its packages to use less plastic and reduces the weight of glass jars to lessen the environmental impact caused by shipping.

- Ulé recognizes the importance of transparency, disclosing all information on the ingredients and the origins of the products as well as the packaging on the brand website.

*The content of the release is correct as of the time of release, but please note that it may in some cases differ from the latest information.