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Nov. 5, 2021

Publisher: Shiseido

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New Inner Beauty Brand Launch “INRYU”

Shiseido announced the launch of new ingestible beauty brand “INRYU”, which aims to improve the overall health of the skin from the inside to support people in realizing unique beauty and wellness throughout their lives. Including three products, INRYU will be available in SHISEIDO THE STORE in Japan starting January 2022, and on E-commerce platforms in China starting March 2022.

※Launch time has been changed. Please see below the latest information.
[Old] Mar 2022 (China) → [New] First half of 2022 (schedule)

INRYU is developed by China Business Innovation & Investment Office (CBI), established in Shanghai in 2019 as an operational hub to promote innovations in existing businesses and new business development.

Background of Development

Shiseido aims to be a “PERSONAL BEAUTY WELLNESS COMPANY” that supports people in realizing unique beauty and wellness throughout their lives. To achieve so, “Develop the inner beauty category” in the Medium-to-Long-Term Strategy “WIN2023 and Beyond” is listed as one of the key strategies.

In recent years, due to the global environmental change and COVID-19 pandemic that impact people’s lifestyle, heath consciousness is increasing significantly. In Particular, the “inner beauty” category including methods such as adjusting eating habits and sleeping to improve the overall health of the skin is getting more and more attention. CBI, which focuses on the market trends of increasing beauty consciousness and the growing ingestible beauty product market in China, developed INRYU by collecting/ analyzing/ testing the consumer insights and combining the insights with Shiseido’s innovation expertise in areas such as blood vessels research, ingredient development and emotional value development, that bring beauty from the inside out.

Through the launch of INRYU, as a “PERSONAL BEAUTY WELLNESS COMPANY”, Shiseido provides opportunities to consumers to pursue beauty and wellness, as well as contributes to creating a sustainable society where everyone can experience happiness.


INRYU is a line of supplements that when taken consistently spreads beauty ingredients throughout the body and allows to users to shine with an inner luster every day. IN stands for inner beauty, and RYU means to flow. There is a total of three products: Advanced Radiance, Night Ritual+ and Laser Refine.

INRYU will be exhibited at the China International Import Expo, held from November 5th to 10th, 2022.

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