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Oct. 27, 2021

Publisher: Shiseido

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Shiseido China Innovation Center Shanghai Fengxian Branch Officially Starts Its Research Activities

~New Research Facility in The Oriental Beauty Valley to Accelerate Innovation through External Collaborations~

Shiseido Company, Limited (“Shiseido”)’s new research facility “Shiseido China Innovation Center Shanghai Fengxian Branch (“new research facility”)”, which is aiming at collaborating with companies and institutes located in the health and beauty industry hub “The Oriental Beauty Valley”, officially starts its research activities on October 27, 2021.
The new research facility has been established to “accelerate innovation through external collaborations”, one of the key strategies under Medium-to-Long-Term Strategy “WIN 2023”, in China. The facility will focus on developing cutting-edge cosmetics technologies and utility evaluation methods, as well as exploring new beauty field beyond cosmetics, contributing to the growth of Shiseido Group.
The Oriental Beauty Valley, opened in 2015, is a health and beauty industry-focused area spanning cosmetics, foods, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Known as the “City of China’s Cosmetics”, it comprises a wide range of companies and talents, and is expected to become a center for the health and beauty industries worldwide.

Research and Development Focus

The new research will focus on the following topics in collaboration with key universities, utility evaluation method research institutes, cosmetics OEM manufacturers, and ingredient/ fragrance/ package manufacturers.
- Development of cutting-edge cosmetic technology focusing on the latest trends in the Chinese market, such as cosmetics that are highly effective on the skin, have good usability, and cosmetics that have dosage forms that were not previously available.
- Research and development of utility evaluation methods on such as improvement of skin trouble or effect duration
- Value creation in beauty fields beyond cosmetics products

About the New Research Facility

- Official name: Shiseido China Innovation Center Shanghai Fengxian Branch
- Address: Building No. 8, No. 899, Gaofeng Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai, China
- Space: 1575 square meters

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