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Sep. 17, 2021

Publisher: Shiseido

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Shiseido Global Innovation Center’s Open Innovation Program “fibona” Calls for Applications for Co-Creation with Startups

The open innovation program led by the Shiseido Global Innovation Center, “fibona” will launch the SHISEIDO OPEN INNOVATION 2021 project in collaboration with AUBA, Japan’s largest open innovation platform operated by eiicon company, with the aim of co-creating with new start-up companies.
The SHISEIDO OPEN INNOVATION 2021 is the second phase of collaboration programs with startups led by Shiseido as part of “Co-Creation with Startups”, which is one of fibona’s activity plans. As in the first phase*1 conducted in 2019, we aim to create innovation under the theme of “Beauty Wellness”. This time, we will cooperate with AUBA to further raise awareness of and interest in startup companies, with content facilitating collaboration with our businesses and brands and early social implementation. From this point on, we will select new partners through a screening process including a pitch event, etc.
Under our medium- to long-term strategy WIN 2023 and Beyond, we will combine the unique, innovative ideas of start-up companies with our expertise in beauty-related research, which is our strength, and create various innovations in unprecedented business fields. Through these efforts, we will strive to achieve our corporate mission “BEAUTY INNOVATIONS FOR A BETTER WORLD.”
*1 Shiseido New Research Center’s Open Innovation Program ”fibona” (2019)

Background of implementing the open innovation program “fibona”

Shiseido’s research and innovation hub, the Shiseido Global Innovation Center (GIC) started full-scale operation in April 2019 as an urban open lab. The GIC is promoting activities to create innovation based on the concept of “the fusion of diverse people and knowledge” through communication with consumers and researchers centering on open spaces in its lower floors, collaboration with external research institutes inside and outside Japan, and introduction of diverse working styles for the researchers. In “fibona”, an activity that symbolizes the GIC concept, we are taking on the challenge of creating new value that will excite and inspire the world by combining the unique ideas and technologies of external partners with Shiseido’s experience and expertise in beauty and science.
・ fibona official site
 https://spark.shiseido.co.jp/fibona/ (Japanese only)

Application themes of fibona × AUBA “SHISEIDO OPEN INNOVATION 2021”

This time, we have set three themes based on “data”, “communication” and “solutions”. We will further boost collaboration with research institutes, business divisions and brands, and promote activities to increase the possibility of realizing services for social implementation. We will aim to conduct research and commercialization in new fields by integrating new technologies and services from all industries, not limited to the cosmetics and beauty fields, with Shiseido’s knowledge in science related to beauty.
・ fibona×AUBA, SHISEIDO OPEN INNOVATION 2021 application form
https://eiicon.net/about/shiseido-oi2021/ (Japanese only)

[Application Guideline]

〈Application themes〉
1: Data “Understanding the state of mind, skin, and body”
2: Communication “Tailored delivery to each individual”
3: Solutions “Realization of healthy beauty”
〈Application deadline〉
Monday, October 18, 2021
〈Target applicants〉
・ Applicants must own a product or service.
・ Applicants must be registered as a corporation (regardless of the size of the corporation).
〈Check points during screening process〉
・ Solutions must fit the target audience (20s to early 30s).
・ Have the ability to “personalize” to and approach each individual and maintain the inner balance.
・ Have an affinity with beauty.
・ Have a scientific basis and experimental/factual data.
・ Have future potential and competitive advantage.
・ Have high feasibility of expansion to all ethnicities.
・ Have high feasibility of global deployment.
fibona×AUBA “SHISEIDO OPEN INNOVATION 2021” application form
https://eiicon.net/about/shiseido-oi2021/ (Japanese only)

*The content of the release is correct as of the time of release, but please note that it may in some cases differ from the latest information.