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May. 11, 2021

Publisher: Shiseido

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Shiseido and Accenture Establish Joint Venture “Shiseido Interactive Beauty Company, Limited” in July

~ Respond agilely to changing consumers and market environments ~

Shiseido Company, Limited and Accenture have agreed to establish a joint venture company, Shiseido Interactive Beauty Company, Limited (hereafter “Shiseido Interactive Beauty”) in July 2021. The new company will provide digital marketing and digital/IT-related services to Shiseido and its group companies.

Under its medium-to-long-term strategy “WIN 2023 and Beyond”, Shiseido carries out a fundamental business transformation and positions Skin Beauty as its core business. As part of initiatives, we are striving to “accelerate the conversion to a digitally driven business model and organization”. In February, we entered into a strategic partnership with Accenture, which has extensive experience and expertise in supporting corporate digitalization globally. With the establishment of the new company, we will aim to respond quickly to changing consumers and market environments, accelerate digital transformation (DX), and innovate business models in Japan.

The new company will engage in business model reform centering on digital areas, development of global standard ICT infrastructure and operation systems, and development of talent in the digital and IT fields. While incorporating talent and know-how from Accenture, we will enhance IT functions and accelerate digital transformation to strengthen our new digital marketing initiatives with speed and innovation as a group of digital and IT strategy experts in beauty.

For instance, we will offer unprecedented beauty experiences which cannot be realized solely by Shiseido. As our users undergo virtual makeup and skin diagnostic tests online or in stores, their history can be analyzed in our digital database, and by applying the data of purchasing, and research and innovation together, it becomes possible to propose the best in counseling, products and makeup lessons at a place and time of their choice. In addition, we will use the latest beauty technology to seamlessly provide life-long, personalized services to consumers through various points of contact, both digital and real.

Through our Cloud First initiatives including cloud migration of existing systems, we will enhance our IT functions and establish fast and flexible systems to improve the efficiency of our existing IT investment and maintenance costs, and accelerate business and data-driven decision making.

Furthermore, with Accenture’s know-how in talent development, we will jointly design and provide special programs for digital and IT experts which Shiseido wishes to strengthen, and nurture people with advanced skills specialized in digital and IT fields. We will also actively recruit outside talent to contribute to the enhancement of Shiseido's overall digital and IT capabilities.

<Shiseido Interactive Beauty>

Company name: Shiseido Interactive Beauty Company, Limited
Representative: Atsunori Takano
Main business: Providing digital marketing and digital/IT services to Shiseido and its group companies
Location: 5-5, Ginza 7-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Capital: 100 million yen
Investment Status: Majority owned by Shiseido
Employees: Approximately 250
Establishment: July 2021 (planned)

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