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Oct. 23, 2020

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A first in Japan, SHISEIDO has completed its special movie made in conjunction with Animal Crossing: New Horizons users.

Set in the world of Animal Crossing, which has become a stage for overcoming boundaries to unite people, and filmed by the users themselves!
The special movie project “Camellia” will be released
on SHISEIDO’s public twitter accounts on October 23

On October 23 (Friday), Shiseido’s global prestige brand SHISEIDO will be releasing a special movie created together with fans and set in the world of the Nintendo Switch™ game Animal Crossing: New Horizons (a product of Nintendo Co., Ltd.) from October 23 (Friday) on its official twitter accounts, @SHISEIDO_ACNH( https://twitter.com/SHISEIDO_ACNH ) and @SHISEIDO_brand
(https://twitter.com/SHISEIDO_brand). This special movie, titled “Camellia”, is based on SHISEIDO’s campaign of “With One Another. Without Limits. Our Future Is Beautiful.” that was started on 2020 July 1. This project was born from the idea of connecting people and helping them overcome barriers by bringing fans around the world together for a user-driven special movie project. It was completed thanks to the many people who came together to express the diversity of beauty through their own original ideas. The original song “Camellia” that accompanies this movie also features lyrics about celebrating one’s own beauty without boundaries.

A special movie created together with Animal Crossing users that expresses diversity

SHISEIDO called for the first user-participation-based movie production in Japan, taking advantage of the diversity-conscious world view of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which is popular all around the world. Between September 10 and 30, the submission period, there were a total of nearly 700 posts.
The movie features scenes of many people meeting up in the same place, something that would be difficult to do in person currently as well as people of all genders, ages and nationalities enjoying their own kind of beauty. It is because of these current circumstances that we were able to create a video with such a diverse group of people working together. Kozue Akimoto, the ambassador for Ultimune, a SHISEIDO serum also participated in the filming in Animal Crossing and actually appeared in the movie.

Overview of the special movie “Camellia”

・Broadcast start date: October 23, 2020 (Friday)
・Official accounts:
SHISEIDO brand official twitter (@SHISEIDO_brand)
SHISEIDO official account for this project (@SHISEIDO_ACNH)

・ Song: Original song “Camellia” composed for this project
・ Participants: The names of users took part in the project will be included in the end credits of the movie as “filming locations.”

On the same day as the special movie’s release, we will also release a making-of video on our official twitter accounts. Viewers will be able to see how the Ginza cityscape and makeup scenes that are typical of SHISEIDO GINZA TOKYO were created and compare the storyboards with the actual movie while getting a look behind the scenes of production.


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