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May. 29, 2020

Publisher: Shiseido

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Providing Skincare Cosmetics to Medical Professionals

Shiseido Company, Limited (“Shiseido”) will provide skincare cosmetics free of charge to medical professionals striving to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus throughout Japan. From Monday, June 1, we will sequentially distribute products to medical institutes including designated medical institutions for infectious diseases nationwide through the Japan Medical Association.

The number of infected people is now on a declining trend nationwide; however, the situation remains uncertain. Shiseido would like to express our sincere respect and appreciation, and aims to contribute to stress relief for medical professionals working at the front lines to treat and prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

The products to be provided are:
● SHISEIDO Skincare Set (10,000 sets)
SHISEIDO Treatment Softener Enriched 150ml *Lotion
SHISEIDO Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate 50ml *Serum
SHISEIDO White Lucent Overnight Cream & Mask 75ml *Cream

● SHISEIDO Men Skincare Set (10,000 sets)
SHISEIDO Men Hydrating Lotion 150ml *Lotion
SHISEIDO Men Total Revitalizer Cream 50ml *Cream

Shiseido has reviewed and taken various measures in a policy to “consider all possibilities available to us, as a cosmetics company, to suppress the spread of the Coronavirus infection and take immediate action.” (Shiseido President and CEO Masahiko Uotani)
Going forward, we will continue to provide various support in the effort to address the spread of the Coronavirus.

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