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Feb. 4, 2020

Publisher: Shiseido

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“Men’s Grooming For Cancer Patients” to Offer Advice on Appearance Changes Due to Cancer Treatment

Shiseido Company, Limited (“Shiseido”) will release a booklet on World Cancer Day* (Tuesday, February 4, 2020) to offer men beauty information and skincare and makeup techniques to cover skin problems. This booklet, titled “Men’s Grooming For Cancer Patients”, particularly targets those who have concerns over specific cosmetic problems and appearance changes caused by the side effects of cancer treatment (such as skin discoloration and loss of eyebrows).

To date, Shiseido has collaborated with medical institutions and cancer support organizations to conduct research and develop beauty information and provide makeup advice. As a follow up to the “Beauty Book for Cancer Patients” published in October 2019, which contains beauty information for women, the “Men’s Grooming For Cancer Patients”offers men beauty information and simple, easy-to-understand makeup application techniques.

Through these activities, Shiseido helps provide the many people who are undergoing cancer treatment, their families, and medical professionals and others easy access to more comprehensive information.

* World Cancer Day: Led by the International Union for Cancer Control (UICC), various educational events are held every year on February 4 to raise awareness for cancer, cancer treatments and cancer survivors.

About “Men’s Grooming For Cancer Patients”

Men also suffer appearance changes due to the side effects of cancer treatment, which include various symptoms such as more sensitive or dry skin, sparse eyebrows, and cracked or dry fingers. The “Men’s Grooming For Cancer Patients” offers simple and easy-to-understand techniques and beauty information so that men who are unfamiliar with makeup can try it for themselves, free of burden and hesitation.
In addition, the booklet is available to read and download from the Shiseido Life Quality Makeup website as we aim to provide it not only to cancer patients but many people seeking the information.

Currently, due to advancements in treatment technology and early detection, patients are more likely to live with cancer for a longer period of time, and the number of cancer patients who hold jobs while undergoing medical treatment is growing. Consequently, as with women, more men are sensitive about their appearance changes in public and at work, and thus the need for cover makeup is also increasing. Shiseido will continue to work towards the realization of a society where cancer patients can fulfill their lives with smiles on their faces.

Overview of the booklet

1.Title: “Men’s Grooming For Cancer Patients”
2.Contents: Section 1 Eyebrow makeup for men, Section 2 Skin coloring for men,
Section 3 Men’s hair care, Section 4 Men’s skin care, Section 5 Men's Lipcare,
Section 6 Men’s finger/nail care
3. Released: Tuesday, February 4, 2020 *Free distribution

*The content of the release is correct as of the time of release, but please note that it may in some cases differ from the latest information.