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Sep. 26, 2018

Publisher: Shiseido

Management / Financial Result

Shiseido Invests in “Dreamers Fund”

Shiseido Company, Limited (“Shiseido”) has reached a basic agreement on investing in the Dreamers Fund, a venture capital fund that mainly invests in early-stage startups whose growth is expected in the US (henceforth “Dreamers Fund”). It invests in the fund through Shiseido Venture Partners, its corporate venture capital, as a limited partner.


In order to “be a global winner with our heritage,” Shiseido is working on the New Three-Year Plan (2018-2020) which is the second phase of its medium-to-long-term strategy “VISION 2020.” One of its important strategies is “new value creation through innovation.” This is to create innovation by combining its internally developed expertise with new values that Shiseido actively takes in from outside through partnerships and M&As. It helps us to create new products and services. Investment in the fund will allow us to gather information about the US consumer market, state-of-the art technology, and business trends. It also enables us to discover promising startups with which we will actively cooperate to create new values.

Dreamers Fund

Dreamers Fund is a venture capital fund co-founded in 2018 by the company of Mr. Keisuke Honda, a professional soccer player, and the investment company of Mr. Will Smith, an American actor. Its objective is to invest in startups in the United States. Its managers have invested in a number of leading startups there. It has its own information network in the West Coast where many startups gather, enabling it to speedily discover and invest in early-stage startups.

Shiseido further advances its innovative efforts in the future to provide new values in every field for our consumers.

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