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Dec. 13, 2017

Publisher: ShiseidoShiseido Japan

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Shiseido Releases a New IoT*1 Skincare System, “Optune,” that Delivers Personalized Skincare

Test sale of the β version*2 to begin in spring 2018 (Japan only)

Shiseido has developed a new skincare system, called “Optune,” which realizes skincare personalization by coupling digital technology with our cutting-edge skin science and beauty research. “Optune,” an IoT skincare system developed with a new concept, uses a special machine backed up by unique algorithms to satisfy skincare needs in real time.*3 This is achieved through the coupling of skin measurement data from dedicated application software (“app”)*4, which is downloaded into a smartphone (iPhone), with current environmental data. Its β version will be set up for a test sale in Japan beginning in the spring of 2018, with the goal of prompt full-scale subsequent introduction. In order to respond to the needs of our consumers to use the most suitable products for their own skin, Shiseido will continue to pursue skincare personalization through “Optune.”

*1 An abbreviation for Internet of Things. It is a collective term for new services, business models, or element technologies that can be realized by connecting everything through the Internet.
*2 The version of software, etc., before its full release.
*3 Methods and procedures for deriving an “optimized answer” based on multiple data sets. In the case of “Optune,” it refers to a calculation method that leads to a personalized skincare pattern suitable for the consumer’s skin condition in real time.
*4 Only consumers who purchase “Optune” can download it. iPhone is Apple Inc’s registered trademark.

○ The “personalized skincare system,” which modifies and adapts according to each individual’s skincare needs in real time, draws the best out of one’s original skin condition and tones the skin to achieve a healthy, moisturized state.
○ The dedicated app is used to perform skin measurement and analyze data such as weather, mood, and condition, and data regarding the skincare pattern derived using our unique algorithms. These are sent to a special machine, which will identify and provide a serum and moisturizer combination that suits the present condition of the skin.
○ The dedicated app will keep a record of the consumer’s skin condition, changes in environmental factors that affect their skin, care records, etc., so that they can review their skin information anytime, anywhere.

*For consumer inquiries, please contact Shiseido Free Dial for inquiries: 0120-81-4710 (Japan only).

Background of the development

Skin is a key to one’s own beauty; it changes every day, every moment, in association with not only individual skin qualities (genetic elements) but also external factors such as weather, internal factors such as mood and condition, and other factors including those related to age, that are all intricately linked to one another. This time, we focused on the possibility of delivering the optimum beauty solution to each and every consumer by coupling new digital technology with Shiseido’s research findings, which have long been accumulated through observations of a vast array of skin conditions. We developed a new IoT-based skincare system, with the desire to not only support individual skin types but also confront all changes in the environment that surrounds our consumers’ skin, including changes in their skin, body, and mind at different times, as a beauty professional.

Outline of the “Optune” system

“Optune” is a personalized skincare system that modifies and adapts according to the skin environment of each individual in real time. Using our unique algorithms, it draws the best out of one’s original skin condition and tones the skin to achieve a healthy, moisturized state.

(1) “Optune zero”/“Optune App” watch over your changes closely
“Optune zero” special IoT machine and the dedicated “Optune App” interact via cloud. “Optune App” lets you know your skin condition such as texture, pores, and moisture content, simply by taking a photo of your skin with a smartphone. The system collects and analyzes various data, including skin data measured by the App, environmental data such as temperature and humidity, and data relating to menstrual cycle, mood, and condition, in order to learn about our individual consumers, and determine patters of necessary skincare in real time using algorithms unique to “Optune.” Data regarding the determined skincare pattern are sent to the special machine, “Optune zero,” which dispenses a serum and moisturizer combination suitable for the moment. In addition, “Optune App” allows you to review the record of skincare provided by “Optune,” as well as your skin condition and changes in environmental factors that affect your skin.
(2) “Optune Shot” fits your skin perfectly
It is a skincare product filled in a cartridge set in the special machine. This skincare system, called TimeTune® care*5, comprises serum care, which is adapted to the skin condition at different times as well as changes in the skin environment, and moisturizer care for the morning and night, which focuses on the original state of the skin. This two-step care is selected from among more than 1,000 patterns of serum and moisturizer combinations and supports your skin with care according to your skin condition.
*5 Care that focuses on the daily biological rhythm

Future development

The β version of “Optune” will be set up for a test sale beginning in the spring of 2018 (Japan only) at Shiseido’s beauty website, “watashi+,” and subsequently, Shiseido will aim for its prompt full-scale introduction after service improvement and development to accommodate changes that our consumers might experience in the future.
The details of the β version sale will be announced on the “Optune” brand website in mid-January 2018.


*Shiseido’s research findings that support the development of our unique algorithms

Over the past 100 years, Shiseido has been studying the effects of various external and internal environmental factors on the skin, looking closely at a vast array of skin conditions. The connection between the mind and skin has long been suggested in Japanese popular lore, e.g., “mental instability causes skin problems,” or “the skin is the mirror of the heart.” In the 1990s, Shiseido tackled this common belief by carrying out studies to elucidate the underlying facts, and discovered that the mind and skin are indeed directly linked through the nervous, immune, and endocrine systems. This time, Shiseido advanced these ‘mind and skin’ findings further into developing the unique “Optune” algorithms that take into account not only external environmental data such as weather and UV rays but also one’s mood and condition at any given moment. Furthermore, in addition to delivering care that suits the real-time skin environment, Shiseido also focused on providing uncompromising “ease and comfort in use,” which is an important element of skincare. Shiseido has gathered its long-accumulated knowledge of cosmetic  formulations and beauty research to realize the development of algorithms and serum and moisturizer combinations that can be used comfortably regardless of the combined skincare product proportions.

*The content of the release is correct as of the time of release, but please note that it may in some cases differ from the latest information.