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Nov. 15, 2017

Publisher: Shiseido

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Shiseido Releases “Smile App” Based on Its Research into Facial Expressions

- Launch of “Smile Program” that brings out the best smiles through comprehensive training -

Shiseido Company, Limited (“Shiseido”) is putting to practical use its “Smile App,” an application stemming from long years of research into smiles and impressions of facial expressions. Developed for use on tablet devices, the app will be offered to companies and organizations starting from January 2018 (Japan only), and together with the “Smile Course” will be part of the “Smile Program,” a paid one-year educational program for personnel training aimed at improving communication skills both inside and outside the company.

Participants of the Smile Course (image)

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Background of the launch

In 2016, Shiseido developed an application software (“app”) for tablet devices offering a “Smile Course,” an educational course to be held at schools or companies. Its content is based on the results of research into smiles and impressions of facial expressions, which Shiseido has accumulated through its activities in the sphere of cosmetics and beauty information development.
Prior to the course’s commercialization, a three-month trial (from July 1 through September 30, 2017) was held among approximately 5,000 cabin attendants of Japan Airlines, a company that sets high targets in objective customer satisfaction and constantly engages in improving its customer service.
In a post-trial questionnaire, over 70% of the course participants replied that they either “Agree” or “Strongly agree” that the app helped them in their work and that they had become more aware of their smiles through the use of the app. At the same time, some respondents pointed out that they would like to use the app together with basic information concerning the nature of smile and its effects on interpersonal communication.
Based on the results of this trial, Shiseido is now launching the content on a large scale as “Smile Program” consisting of a “Smile Course,” which offers information on the phenomenon of smile and the impression it gives to other people, and “Smile App,” which can be used at any time after the completion of the course. The “Smile Program” helps to bring out the best smiles in every person and will be offered as an educational program to companies and organizations with the purpose of enhancing communication skills and improving the impression created by one’s appearance. Going forward, Shiseido aims to put this program into practice not only in the service industry but also in various other spheres.

Overview of “Smile Program”

The program aims to help the participants gain knowledge through “Smile Course” and then receive daily training through “Smile App” in order to increase awareness of the effect of a smile, and improve the impression given by each individual employee and the company on the whole, and raise confidence in one’s smile and customer service.
■Available from: January 2018 (Japan only)
■Basic fee: 3,650 JPY per person (10 JPY per day × 365 days)
■Technical requirements:
Devices: iPad (CPU over 64bit) or
iPad mini (2nd Gen or higher/OS:9.3 or later)*1
*1 iPad and iPad mini are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

■ Smile Course
A lecture course delivered as the first part of the program by Shiseido Beauty Specialists*2, prior to the use of the app. It gives systematic basic knowledge on the nature of smile (research on smile, aesthetics and impression on people; research on smile and people’s mind). The course offers know-how to elicit and master an attractive smile that plays a crucial role in the first impression and further communication. It also shows how to use the “Smile App” effectively.
*2 Beauty specialists who receive high-level professional training and master supreme beauty skills. They are active in a variety of fields both in Japan and overseas, from education to seminar instruction to external events.
■ Smile App
An application that aims to help the users polish their smiles continuously through observing their own smile objectively and realizing new attractive aspects of a smile. Available anytime and anywhere through iPad / iPad mini*1 within one year after taking the Smile Course, and designed to offer enjoyable smile training on a daily basis.

Basic functions of “Smile App”

The app takes the picture of a face with the tablet device camera and recognizes it, then quantifies it, evaluates its impression, and records the data. Through these processes, your smile, which is usually evaluated subjectively by the people looking at you, is analyzed objectively based on the impression it gives to other people. In addition, through Shiseido proprietary mimetic muscle exercises, you can enrich your facial expressions and refine your smile.
(1) Live Smile
Shows the real-time “smile level” of your face on the screen and evaluates its
impression indices (reliability, elegance, attractiveness, prettiness, charm,
friendliness, vigor).
(2) Training
You can do mimetic muscle exercises together with a trainer, which helps
master proper techniques and build up the necessary muscles.
(3) Games
Through games that challenge you to try various “smile degrees,” you can
practice facial expressions that you don’t usually wear, or find out
the “smile levels” you are not good at.
(4) Emodiary
Records your emotional state on the day in terms of “smile level,” while funny
illustrations make you smile.
(5) Calendar
Records your training progress and “emodiary” in the form of text and pictures.

*The content of the release is correct as of the time of release, but please note that it may in some cases differ from the latest information.