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Nov. 13, 2017

Publisher: Shiseido

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Shiseido Names Grand Prix Winner for #BeautyEmpowers, its Web Movie Co-Creation Project

“#BeautyEmpowers” is Shiseido’s collaborative project to explore and promote the power of beauty. Eight teams of outside collaborators, which had been recruited through SNS, spent two months creating their web movies with the theme of “the power of makeup.” #BeautyEmpowers web movies were released on October 16 via #BeautyEmpowers official website and Shiseido’s official YouTube channel.

The award ceremony was held on November 7 with all the eight teams participating, and one of these eight movies full of dynamic individuality of young talents was named the winner of the grand prix.

Winning team (left) and Shiseido Creative Director Masato Kosukegawa (right)

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Grand Prix Winner

Title: What Makes Me Me
Team name: rendez-vous
Theme: What we think of as our flaws is what makes us unique, and makeup has the power to make it shine.

Comments from the winners:
We are absolutely surprised and overwhelmed with this victory! We changed our plan altogether after a lecture at Shiseido, and we never expected such an effect. I personally retired from work at the end of September, so this was in a way my “graduation project.” Makeup can light up the faces of all kinds of people with smiles – that’s the message we hopefully conveyed through this movie.

Comments from the juries:
・This movie is well aligned with Shiseido’s theme for this year: “Beauty lies within... And every time we bring it to light, we make the world a little brighter,” and I felt empathy for the heroine.
・I could understand the story in just one minute because of its simple story line.
・This is cleverly created by linking makeup with the heroine’s individuality.
・This gives a great perspective of accepting flaws and the start of a new self.

In addition, “After Classes = Fight Time” (created by Team EMOEMO PENGUIN) won the Special Jury Award. All the eight movies are still available through #BeautyEmpowers official website or Shiseido official YouTube channel, so please come visit and enjoy the movies.

Evaluation Process

A panel of juries, 10 members selected from various departments in Shiseido, gave scores on three aspects of creativity, expression, and empathy.

About #BeautyEmpowers

#BeautyEmpowers project is launched to explore the power of beauty in partnership with various talents outside the company and support and encourage everyone who wishes to be beautiful and live a beautiful life. This project is infused with our belief: Beauty has the power to change you and your life. Shiseido has long been cooperating with and supporting new talents, and at the same time, inspired and motivated through such joint activities. Within this project, Shiseido staff actively involved in beauty creation gave the participants a lecture and other information support, while Shiseido hair & makeup artists provided the hair and makeup support during the movie shooting.
Through collaborative initiatives like these, Shiseido will continue exploring the power and possibilities that beauty has.

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