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Oct. 12, 2017

Publisher: ShiseidoShiseido Japan

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New Foundation Series Makes Its Debut to Solve Serious Skin Concerns

Solve blue, red and brown skin discoloration and side effects of cancer treatment, including skin dullness and scar

Shiseido Company, Limited (Shiseido) will launch a new Perfect Cover Foundation MV* Series (three products, nine items) from its Perfect Cover brand on Saturday, October 21, 2017 in a bid to solve various concerns over skin discoloration. Perfect Cover offers a solution for skin troubles that are difficult to conceal with normal foundations.
* MV stands for “multi veil”.

◆Perfect Cover Foundation MV Series realizes ease of application by bringing together the functions that were featured separately in the conventional Perfect Cover Foundation, such as correcting skin color and unevenness of the skin. Furthermore, the new series has been further enhanced to make it long-lasting, transfer-proof and easy to apply for a more comfortable makeup wear.
◆Shiseido supports and encourages people in pursuing their own lifestyles by offering foundations that solve various skin concerns.

Origin of foundation that solves serious skin concerns

Since its establishment, Shiseido has been engaged in research and development on cosmetics combining the “hardware,” i.e. production and performance of products, and the “software,” i.e. their psychological effects. Shiseido leverages the results of this R&D to help each consumer realize their own beauty and enrich their mind.
In postwar, there were many people who had serious skin burn resulting in concerns over their skin and appearance. Wishing to reduce the mental burdens faced by such people, Shiseido developed a foundation called “SHISEIDO Spots Cover” in 1956. After that, in 1995 the company released Perfect Cover Foundation series which featured the photochromic technology and provided a natural finish for skin problems such as nevus, scars, or burn marks. Through these and other initiatives, Shiseido has been striving to improve the QOL (quality of life) through cover makeup.

Background of the launch and product overview

Shiseido has conducted numerous researches and developments in order to respond to the requests of consumers who have serious complex concerns over their skin, such as “want to cover both dullness and dark spots caused by the side effects of cancer treatment” and “want to naturally cover unevenness and red discoloration due to burns”.
Perfect Cover Foundation MV Series realizes a natural finish with a perfect coverage, which meets the needs of such consumers. Moreover, this series is enhanced in its functions and is transfer-proof, long-lasting, and easy to apply, with an aim of further satisfying consumers and supporting them in their desire to live simply and comfortably.

Product availability

Perfect Cover Foundation MV Series will be available at Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center in Ginza, Tokyo, and other designated cosmetics stores that have a counselling space, contract medical institutions, Shiseido’s total beauty service site, “watashi+”, and other channels in Japan.
Currently, Perfect Cover Foundation is marketed in certain regions of Asia, such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan and others, in addition to Japan. Taking this opportunity of launching MV Series, Shiseido is actively promoting its activities in “improving the QOL through cover makeup” and aims to reach out consumers around the world by expanding the sales globally, including the U.S. and Europe, by year 2020.

Product List

■Perfect Cover Foundation MV (7 colors)
Category : Foundation for partial application
Net : 20g
Price : 3,500 JPY (3,780 JPY incl. tax)
■Perfect Cover Powder MV (Fitting) (1 color)
Category : Makeup powder
Net : 10g
Price : 3,500 JPY (3,780 JPY incl. tax)
■Perfect Cover Oil Cleansing
Category : Cleansing oil
Net : 180mL
Price : 2,000 JPY (2,160 JPY incl. tax)

*Prices stated above are the suggested retail prices in Japan.

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