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Jul. 28, 2017

Publisher: ShiseidoShiseido Japan

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First in Japan. Next Generation Cosmetics Counter With Digital Counseling Mirror

~Launching at SHISEIDO GINZA SIX store on Friday, July 28, 2017~

Brand SHISEIDO, which is available in 88 countries and regions worldwide, opened its renovated SHISEIDO GINZA SIX store on Friday, July 28, 2017, installing new counselling counter. The new counter features a Digital Counseling Mirror which is equipped with a touch-panel system and allows a Beauty Consultant (BC) to offer personalized, in-depth counseling. The mirror does more than just reflects a consumer’s face; touching its surface activates various data, including product information, application instructions, and skin check results. Moreover, consumers can check their counseling data at home. The system is the first of its kind in the Japanese cosmetics industry.
Following the renovation of GINZA SIX store, brand SHISEIDO will proceed upgrading its counseling counters around the world toward 2020.

◆Crowned with the company name, brand SHISEIDO is a global brand proposing the idea of unleashing the “inner beauty” through Japanese aesthetics and science technology. The brand opened its first directly-managed store in Japan in April, 2017 at a commercial complex called GINZA SIX along with its grand opening. And it is the first renovation in July, 2017.

◆Brand SHISEIDO has developed the counter based on the needs of women in their 20s, who are the core target of brand SHISEIDO, such as “personalized counseling” and “trial opportunities”. In addition to Digital Counseling Mirror, the new store is equipped with a Digital Testing Device that allows consumers to try products while enjoying digital contents.

Counseling scene using Digital Counseling Mirror

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Brand SHISEIDO counter innovation

Brand SHISEIDO has been promoting innovation primarily on its products, dvertising visuals, and brand logo since 2016. Its stores offer a casual and easy-to-enter space, and the brand continues introducing a “social counter” that installs functional tester allowing consumers to freely look at and touch products.

New counter based on the insights of Millennials

In the survey conducted by brand SHISEIDO among Millennials in their 20s to find out what makes them visit a cosmetics counter, many answered that “not only products, but purchase experience is also important”, “a consultant gives an appropriate advice” and “a store offers a trial opportunity”※1.
Based on these voices, the new counter is developed with a concept of “Contemporary Ichigo Ichié” (meaning once-in-a-lifetime experience in modern life). The renovated counter is a further upgrade of the existing “social counter” and aims to offer every consumer a special, memorable experience by responding to their aim of the store visit as well as their feelings.
※1 Shiseido global survey conducted in June 2016.

Uniqueness of the new counter

■Step 1: Capturing attention with change of images
The new counter delivers standard 3D images of products and their texture. However, once a consumer approaches, the images change, intriguing the consumer.

■Step 2: Digital Testing Device allowing fun trial
At the storefront, a Digital Testing Device is installed to offer digital contents that help a consumer deeply understand information on major SHISEIDO products. A standard promotion movie shown on the screen changes if a consumer approaches within two meters, and if the consumer picks up an item, the screen shows the product information including characteristics and application instructions.

■Step 3: Digital Counseling Mirror offering personalized, in-depth counseling
When a BC offers counseling, by operating touch-panel of the mirror which reflects a consumer’s face, various data including product information, application instructions and skin check results appear. Furthermore, the consumer can check the counseling data at home by reading the QR code with a smartphone. This system helps offer more visually understandable, as well as personalized in-depth counseling, which is the first of its kind in the Japanese cosmetics industry.

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