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Mar. 8, 2017

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Shiseido Celebrates 60th Anniversary of Sales Launch in Taiwan

Shiseido Company, Limited (Shiseido) marks 60 years of its sales operation in Taiwan this year.Shiseido started its global operation from the Asian market in 1957 when the company made a debut in Taiwan. In 1965, Shiseido entered the Americas market establishing Shiseido Cosmetics America Ltd. in New York, followed by Italy and France, in 1968 and 1980 respectively, to expand its business operation in the European market. The company then launched its sales operation in China in 1981. Currently, Shiseido operates worldwide across 120 countries and regions, including Japan, China, APAC, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

About Taiwan Shiseido

Taiwan Shiseido Co., Ltd. (Taiwan Shiseido) was set up as the first step towards global development of Shiseido Group and has since been one of the most important operation sites for the Group. Taiwan Shiseido was established in 1957 as a locally capitalized distributor and in 1983, re-established as a joint venture with Shiseido Company, Limited. Taiwan Shiseido started the operation of its Chung-Li factory in 1980 and Hsinchu factory in 1998, developing also as a production base. Furthermore, Taiwan Shiseido merged its production function of Chung-Li factory into Hsinchu factory in 2016 to enhance production capabilities and is presently acting as a production base for the ASEAN and Taiwan markets.
Taiwan Shiseido also promotes local-centric marketing providing services via sales counters that offer not only the company’s main global brand, SHISEIDO, but also various brands in line with the preferences of Taiwanese consumers across department stores, specialty stores, drug-store chains, etc.
Meanwhile, Taiwan Shiseido has been contributing to the beauty and health of consumers in Taiwan not only through the various products of its brands, but also through CSR activities such as Shiseido Life Quality Makeup (SLQ) that resolves skin concerns with Shiseido’s unique cover makeup technologies. These activities are performed in pursuit of the corporate mission, “beautification of life”.
Due to these activities, Shiseido Group has been highly accepted as a top-selling cosmetics company in Taiwan.

60th Anniversary of Taiwan Shiseido

While Taiwan Shiseido has positioned year 2017 as a year to achieve further growth, the company will promote various activities centering on the enhancement of consumer communications with the theme of “gratitude, excitement, and progress”. To begin with, the company held a ceremony on Wednesday, March 8, from 1 p.m. (local time) at Le Meridien Taipei to mark 60 years of its operation. At the ceremony, Jolin Tsai, a highly acclaimed Taiwanese actress appeared as a corporate ambassador to celebrate the 60th anniversary, and the 60-year history of Taiwan Shiseido was presented with poster panels, product displays and visual images based on the theme of “gratitude, excitement, and progress”. The venue hosted guests from various industries in Taiwan, as well as Shiseido Group CEO, Mr. Uotani. A movie featuring Jolin Tsai is available on the corporate website and at storefronts via internet from March 8.

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