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Oct. 11, 2016

Publisher: Shiseido

Management / Financial Result

Shiseido’s Centers of Excellence’s network leadership team is now complete

Shiseido Strategic Milestone Achieved

Tokyo Japan, October 7th 2016 - Shiseido appointed the last of the four Center of Excellence (COE) officers: Nathalie Helloin Kamel, based in Paris and in charge of Fragrance. Building the team began in January 2016 and is now completed with this last addition. COE’s leadership is now made up of four experts with extensive experience, abilities, passion, and knowledge in their fields.

Center of Excellence

The Center of Excellence network is a big part of Shiseido Group mid-to–long term strategy, VISION 2020, and the right leadership for these centers is crucial.

Three global locations were chosen, to station the four COEs, based on critical for the beauty industry spheres. Each chosen region, as a location, has proven global leadership as well as superior pools of talent and abilities in the Digital (Americas), Makeup (Americas), Skincare (Japan), and Fragrance (EMEA) fields.

Each COE will take the lead in gathering information, putting forward strategies, developing products, and promoting other measures in those fields. R&D facilities in each region will support the COEs efforts collaboratively. Guided by a Center of Excellence concept, the plan is to make the most of these measures in pursuing global marketing and developing strong brands that excel on the world stage.

The 4 Centers of Excellence Geographical Locations

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COE Leadership

Paris France
Nathalie Helloin Kamel
“I am aware that the centers of excellence are at the heart of Mr. Uotani vision 2020 and I feel proud of being empowered on such a strategic project.”

Tokyo Japan
Shin Hasebe
“I am thrilled to be taking on the opportunity to lead development in the creation of future skincare experiences and implementing an advanced execution process in step with global trends and social movements.”

DIGITAL- Americas
New York U.S.
Alessio Rossi
“The Shiseido Group has a unique chance to leapfrog competition in a number of digital disciplines. In partnership with the other Centers of Excellence and with our Top Executives, we have put together a solid strategy that has already started to deliver a significant competitive edge.”

MAKEUP- Americas
New York U.S.
Jill Scalamandre
“This is an exciting opportunity for me to engage with all the tremendous talent within the brands and create cross brand discussions to help fuel growth.”

FRAGRANCE - EMEA: Nathalie Helloin Kamel

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MAKEUP- AMERICAS: Jill Scalamandre

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