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Jun. 10, 2016

Publisher: Shiseido

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Shiseido’s Online Video Wins the Highest of New York Festivals International Advertising Awards

New York, NY – May 19, 2016: New York Festivals International Advertising Awards competition announced Shiseido’s online video “High School Girl?” winner of “Best of Show” – the top award in all categories.
Michael O’Rourke, President of New York Festivals, said, “The campaign equally exemplifies the very best this industry has to offer. The NYF trophy is a symbol of genuine respect from over 400 professionals around the world, who day in and day out face the same challenges you do.” The award-winning film campaign “High School Girl?” for Shiseido’s Products portrays beauty, which is an idea common to all humanity regardless of genders, and provides triggers for individuals and for society to rethink their idea of beauty.”
Masato Kosukegawa, Creative Director, Shiseido, said, “We would like to thank you for Show Yanagisawa, Jin Ohashi, and of course the School ”Girls” for their amazing patience to strike a pose and stand-still in a 7-hour-long shoot,” “Also our special thanks go to Akira Shima, a copywriter of Shiseido, who passed away on March 7, 2016. We are sincerely grateful to the Jury for the recognition of this project done by a small number of people. I hope that many who watched it will be made happy by the concept of the film: “Everyone can be pretty.”

At the New York Festivals awards ceremony: Jonathan Leacock of Shiseido Americas

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Founded in 1957, New York Festivals is an international advertising awards competition consisting of two stages: the preliminary screening by 400+ jury members assigned to various categories, and the final screening by the Executive Jury across the main categories. They judge the Finalists in every category to determine the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Winners, the Grand Winners, as well as the Best of Show entry. This year the entries represented over 80 countries and regions.

On the same day, May 19, the video also earned 2 prizes in D&AD advertising awards headquartered in London: the Wood Pencil (equivalent to a bronze award) in the Film Advertising Crafts category and the Graphite Pencil (equivalent to a silver award) in Branded Film Content and Entertainment category.
D&AD is an international advertising competition for design and advertisement in various fields, founded in 1962 by a non-profit organization - British Design and Art Direction.

Tomoaki Yamura, Web Producer, Shiseido

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About the Online Video “High School Girl?”

The aim of the video ad, released exclusively on YouTube on October 16, 2015, was to convey the fun of makeup to young people. Various elements in the video have aroused much interest, such as the level of detailed attention by Director Show Yanagisawa and Director of Photography Jin Ohashi, the makeup skills and techniques of Shiseido’s hair and makeup artists, and the cast who were actually high school students and went through long hours of shooting. As a result, the total number of views on YouTube after release exceeded nine million.

▼ “High School Girl?” Original Movie

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