The Beauty Consultant's (BC's) Promise

In 2014, SHISEIDO beauty consultants celebrated the 80th anniversary of the existence of BCs. Taking this opportunity, we asked ourselves about the mindset and actions we should take as beauty professionals to continue helping customers achieve "their own beauty." The answer: The Beauty Consultant's Promise. We are committed to strive even more to walk hand in hand with our customers, helping to make them more beautiful, and making them happy. We will make every conceivable effort to make this possible.

The Beauty Consultant's Promise

Our daily mission is to bring joy
and happiness to our customers
and to touch their skin, in order
to touch their hearts.

We make use of our senses
to fulfill our customers' needs
and desires, and to realize
their future potential beauty.

Within our daily actions,
we carry the heritage of Shiseido's philosophy,
artistry and excellence in research,
along with our professional beauty techniques
and know how, which we present
as added value to the product.
We BCs strive to keep ourselves beautiful,
to reflect Shiseido's philosophy of beauty.

Our hearts, knowledge, and beauty techniques
are what connect our customers with our brand.
Through us, customers understand Shiseido,
and trustful relationships and joy are created.

We strive to enrich the hearts and
lives of all our customers.
This moment. This Life. Beautifully.

We BCs are professionals of beauty
who realize our customers' true beauty.

We BCs hold this promise true to ourselves,
and to our customers, whilst aiming
to become professionals in beauty,
to realize the goal of true customer satisfaction.