What is a beauty consultant (BC)?

SHISEIDO beauty consultants are beauty specialists who walk hand in hand with each and every customer.

Beauty specialists

SHISEIDO beauty consultants (BCs) offer suggestions and solutions for women to become beautiful through the use of beauty products, so that their wish to remain beautiful all their lives is granted.

To achieve this end, BCs participate in various training programs and seminars to acquire a range of skills, from the basics of customer service, such as how to greet and see off customers, to consulting skills and technical skills rooted in professional expertise, as well as the spirit of "Omotenashi (hospitality)" for customer satisfaction.

Through gentle contact with customers' skin and hearts, BCs will help customers in bringing out their beauty.

State-of-the-art beauty instruments for scientific measurement of the skin's condition

State-of-the-art beauty instruments for scientific measurement of the skin's condition

Using instruments such as Skin Visiom and Handy Skin Sensor, we analyze the current condition of our customers' skin, not only on the surface, but also in-depth to identify any sources of problems hidden within, and help to choose the products that best meet customers' needs.
* This service may not be available at all counters.

Consulting is easier to understand and more fun with the tool for supporting counter activities.

The tool for supporting counter activities at the store counter is equipped with consultation applications to help in making product choices. Our independently developed "Makeup Simulator" works like a mirror and customers only have to look into the screen to see themselves wearing trendy makeup patterns and variations. For instance, if you can't decide which color of lipstick to buy, there is no need to re-apply different colors; you only need to use the Simulator to try out as many colors as you wish. We also have applications that can propose foundation and skincare solutions based on skin concerns, skin types, or preferred lines. We invite you to try them at the counter.

Conceptual image of the Makeup Simulator

Conceptual image of the Makeup Simulator


Touching hearts around the world: SHISEIDO's Spirit of OMOTENASHI

Today, more than 19,400 BCs are in action in 72 countries and regions. Each day, as we hone our skills and beauty techniques in the Spirit of OMOTENASHI, we renew our commitment to the BC Code of Conduct: The philosophies and principles which have remained unchanged since 1934, when our predecessors first began to help people become more beautiful.

The Number of BCs in Each Region


To serve as the leader of BCs, the SHISEIDO Beauty Specialist position was established in 2013.
Beauty Specialists mainly engage in seminars held both within and outside the company, the development of beauty methods,
and PR activities at events.
They also serve the role of communicating SHISEIDO's "Spirit of Omotenashi" to the whole world.