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Powder World

The mystery of the lightest powder in the Shiseido history.
It manipulates the light trajectories to bring about the stunning beauty.

Shiseido's latest foundation technology is designed
to let light do the work – for you.

Foundations are meant to make your skin look beautiful. Today, there are a variety to choose from, having a wide range of functions and characteristics. How do you make your selections? Let us introduce you to the Shiseido's latest technology - another secret to unfold before your eyes.

Hollow powder manipulates the rays of light!
See the powder at work in the video.

Hollow powder is a specialized powder with a hollow center.
Apart from ordinary powders, hollow powder has characteristics of its own.

※Microscopic image

Zero Gravity:Featherweight lightness
The lightest powder in the history of
Shiseido achieves a fluffy-light finish.
Reflection:Reflection and diffusion of light
The hollow center lets light to reach inside the powder
and diffuse, brings out the soft sheen.

We applied the hollow-centered powder to the new foundation products to create a beautiful skin,
with a feel of translucency from any angle.

The light diffusion paths

The light diffusion paths

Lightness comparison experiment

When sprayed upward, hollow-centered powder floats and slowly descends,
while flour particles do so in a short instance.

Lightness comparison experiment

Three "musts" for foundation products


Manipulate the light trajectories Control the texture for a translucent skin.
Light is essential to using a foundation product – it assists to produce an ideal made-up look. Manipulating the light trajectories enables to achieve the desired appearance of skin. The powder in Shiseido's foundation products has the secret to have light work on our side.
This technology is featured in the video.


Manipulate the color
Fine-tune the skin complexion to tame dullness, discoloration, uneven skin tone, and freckles.


Manipulate the contrast
Bring rays of light to the contour-shaded areas of the skin to make pores and wrinkles less noticeable.
The latest technology brings you an ideal skin texture. Shiseido's foundation product technology continues to evolve.