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Pleasing even the choosiest lips.
The lipstick technology.

The original technology allows to manage the behavior of oils in lipsticks.

SHISEIDO's technology to effortlessly manage oils.

It is commonly known that water and oil do not blend, but did you know even some oils are immiscible? Manufacturing lipsticks of superior quality require advanced technology – uniform mixing or separation of oils at the right timing. Let us show you SHISEIDO’s original technology to handle oils as desired.


SHISEIDO's oil management technology allows flexible adjustment of the amount and arrangement of separated layers.

Secret of making the freshly-applied lipstick smudge-proof

This is how our user-friendly technology makes the lipsticks "smudge-proof," even on a tea cup.

Mechanism of the "smudge-proof" lipsticks

SHISEIDO lipsticks use the oil management technology to enable dual- and triple-layer separation.
The most suitable oil separation method is adopted for the intended functions and the concept of the product.

In the lipstick tube, the oils are maintained as a uniform mixture. Gently applying on lips or rubbing the lips together would immediately separate the mixture into multiple layers. Gloss oil coats the pigmented layer to protect color from smudging onto cups, keeping the freshly-applied color to last a long time.

Discovery of immiscible oils

Finding the immiscible, cosmetic ingredient oils triggered the study on oil management technology.

The oil management technology - used to separate the uniformly mixed oils into the gloss and color layers - enables various features in a lipstick, such as moisturizing yet light in texture or long-lasting yet true to color.


The glowing color in the movie was emitted by an actual cosmetic ingredient.

The pigment called "Trans Red" emits a red glow in the dark under black light.
SHISEIDO's unique technology converts the (wavelengths of dispersed) light to intensify the red color, as shown in the lower right figure.
Trans Red is an ingredient used in actual lipsticks to give a beautiful color without dullness.

※ In lipstick products, the use concentration is adjusted for a natural look.