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Dermal stem cells "101" (for matrioshka, too!)

Collagen! Hyaluronic acid! Elastin, too!? Dermal stem cells-the origin of skin plumpness.

Dermal stem cells - the origin of beautiful skin

●What are stem cells, anyway?

Stem cells have the "self-duplication capability," a function to divide and make copies of themselves, and the "differentiation capability," which is a function to make various types of cells.
It is the work of the stem cells which helps to maintain our bodies healthy and heal wounds.
Recently in the medical field, research has been active on "regenerative medicine," which utilizes the stem cells to repair illness- and injury-damaged organs and tissues.
The iPS cell is a type of stem cells, known for research which brought Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine to the academic area.

●Two types of stem cells in skin tissue

There are two types of dermal stem cells - "dermal stem cells" and "epidermal stem cells." Each type has its own role.


Skin consists of (top - bottom) epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissues.

〔Skin components〕
Collagen is the most important protein that constitutes dermal fibers, and plays a major role to maintain the structure and elasticity.
Elastin is a significant protein that makes up the elastic fibers, which effectively maintains the skin's elasticity.
●Hyaluronic acid:
Hyaluronic acid is an important component that plays a crucial role to maintain the skin's moisture level.
Dermis care is important to address skin concerns due to aging, such as sagging and lack of firmness.

Shiseido's new findings on dermal stem cells

Dermal stem cells ? despite their significance as the origin of supple skin ? had not been made subject of research; their precise locations, characteristics, and their effect on aging process had been unknown.
Shiseido initiated the research on dermal stem cells in 2004. After conducting a series of thorough research, we discovered new facts that would help us lead to anti-aging solutions.

Dermal stem cells are stable located around vessels.
The picture on the right is a cross-section of the inner skin viewed under a microscope. The green, linear images represent blood vessels, while red dots at the end of arrows indicate the location of dermal stem cells. This picture shows that dermal stem cells are scattered around blood vessels.

Growth factors play an important role in order for dermal stem cells to be stable around blood vessels.
※Growth factor is a general term for biological substances that regulate cellular division and differentiation processes.
The picture on the left is again a cross-section of the inner skin viewed under a microscope. Blood vessels are shown in green, while the color of the picture is dominated by red - indicating the presence of growth factors around the blood vessels. This picture shows the presence of growth factors scattered around blood vessels.

Effect on Aging Process
New findings discovered that the number of dermal stem cells and growth cells decrease as part of aging process.

Based on these new findings, Shiseido has been conducting research on the expression of growth factors, which tends to diminish with age. In hopes to develop anti-aging solutions to help enhance dermal regeneration/repairing capabilities, we continue to put in effort and make progress.
We may soon be saying "Supple skin? As you wish!" ...who knows?