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Walk - keeping your face up

Simply by facing upward, something happens to her "laugh lines!"

What are laugh lines?

Laugh lines become more noticeable with age. Until now, they were believed to be "deep wrinkles".
Yet, when a person with visible laugh lines lie down face-up…
Their laugh lines are less noticeable than when she is standing up.
Truth: laugh lines are not "deep wrinkles" – they are the "boundary lines" caused by the gravity-induced, sagging cheeks.

What is happening in the skin?

Of facial parts, the cheeks have a particularly large amount of subcutaneous fat. At Shiseido, we focused on the relationship between this subcutaneous fat and the "sagging" of the cheeks. The more subcutaneous fat there is in the cheeks, the larger each fat cell becomes. Resultant malignant factors cause negative effects, such as loss of suppleness and resilience in the skin. The skin then loses some of its ability to support the cheeks, and laugh lines become deeper and longer.

Laugh lines, be gone!

Newly-discovered facts dramatically enhance research to prevent and reduce the appearance of laugh lines.
Without laugh lines, a youthful look is within your reach.
Shiseido's research on dermal science will soon resolve longtime needs of women.