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It's All About Caring for Our Customers

A number of quality inspections are performed in order to assure the safety of our products.

Summary of this technology

Shiseido conducts a number of tests based on contact points between customers and products.
These tests cover a wide range of situations from those in our daily lives to those conducted in harsher conditions.

  • Drop test

  • Wiper test

  • Handbag test

In a "Drop test", for instance, products are dropped from different heights according to possible situations in our daily lives and the characteristics of products.
In addition, we also determine whether or not the product can withstand repeated falls from different angles, including erect, inverted, and lateral angles.
In addition to testing all of the shades within a product line in the "Wiper test",
we subject the product to a long duration vibration test in the "Handbag test". We purposely conduct the inspections in harsh conditions.

Such inspections are conducted on both containers and contents.
With skincare products, experienced sensory inspectors also keep a sharp eye for sensory factors, such as color and scent.

A Wide Range of Tests

We’d like to introduce the variety of tests conducted in factories and research centers all over the world.

  • Sunlight stability test

    We make sure that products do not change their properties or deteriorate due to sunlight.

  • Rolling test

    We roll cosmetics contained in bottles for a certain period of time in order to check the stability of the contents.

  • Tube compression test

    We repeatedly compress tubed products in order to check the changes in the contents.

  • Temperature stability test

    We store products in thermal chambers set to various temperatures in order to check that there is no abnormality in them despite extreme heat or cold.

  • Transportation test

    We actually ship products using delivery services in order to check the resistance against shocks during transportation.

  • Vibration test

    We intermittently apply vibrations to products in order to check the durability of solid foundation or eye colors.

It’s all about providing peace of mind to our customers. Shiseido products sold all over the world have been guaranteed of their quality through a number of approaches.