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Inspection specialists that beat precision equipment

"Sensory panelers" conduct inspections on colors and smells, etc.

Summary of this Technology

Shiseido conducts a number of scientific quality inspections on our cosmetics. Cosmetics that have passed inspections go through the final inspection for properties such as colors and smells that cannot be gauged by inspection equipment.
This final inspection is conducted by inspectors called “sensory panelers”. Sensory panelers possess capabilities that they have gained through constant efforts and discipline. These capabilities, as accurate as precision equipment, assure the unshakable quality of our cosmetics.

Sensory panelers can't catch a cold

As long as they are entrusted to inspect fragrance, catching a cold is unacceptable. In addition to being thorough about sterilizing their hands before and after work, sensory panelers also strictly manage their health in their personal time, ensuring that they receive vaccinations each season without fail, etc.
Some Shiseido sensory panels have not seen a doctor in more than ten years.

Amazing Talents of Sensory Panels

They possess such high capabilities that they not only inspect cosmetics that were manufactured in their own factory but also nurture sensory panelers in overseas factories.
Moreover, the number of types of cosmetics that they inspect per day is as many as 200.

※The contents accurate at the time of publication/production.