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Sunscreen: powerful + wearable, the Experiment part 2

This time, let's compare and evaluate the "smoothness" and "sun protection"
of a new product to its older version. What will the results be?!

Research on UV rays, ninety years and counting…

Shiseido has began its research on UV rays more than nintety years ago.
This was even before the awareness of the harmful effects of UV rays had become common knowledge among the consumers.
Our passion in research has remained our wish to facilitate our customers' free, active lifestyles with the sun - not restricted by its UV rays.
With this in mind, Shiseido promotes technical and product development emphasizing
"being able to use the product every day,"
"being able to use the product pleasantly and for a good look," and
"being able to effectively protect."

Successfully achieved "lightweight texture" and
"great sun protection capabilities" at the same time

There are roughly two types of ingredients to protect skin from UV rays: UV absorbing agent and UV scattering agent. UV absorbing agent converts UV rays into different forms such as thermal energy, etc. However, most of it consists of oils, so adding it in excess will create a greasy texture. Also to consider is an UV scattering agent's ability to reflect UV rays.
However, the more of the UV scattering agent is formulated, the more opaque (whiter) the product becomes. How could we formulate a sunscreen not too greasy but has great sun protection effects?
There are two points:
(1) Find a composition balance for the sun protection active ingredients to allow even spreading and fitting on skin.
(2) Find a combination to create synergetic effects from a number of sun protective active ingredients.

Most women seek a wearable sunscreen to effectively protect their skin.
Shiseido has achieved an ideal sunscreen product by maxmizing the functions of the formulated ingredients.

  • Latest sunscreen formulation (evenly spreads on skin)

  • Existing sunscreen formulation

Measurement of Sun Protection Factor (SPF)
in a safer and more objective manner

SPF represents the sunscreen drug product's ability to protect skin from UVB. Shiseido is actively pursuing the development of a new "evaluation method" to measure the SPF. There are several types of evaluation methods currently being used. One such example is ISO 24444 (in vivo SPF evaluations method) established by an organization called International Organization for Standardization (ISO). However, all of these measurement methods involve shining UV rays on human's back and visually inspecting the redness to see if skin inflammation had occurred.
Shiseido has developed an equipment called "SPF MASTER®" to establish a safer and more objective evaluation method. We have successfully developed a method to measure SPF values without the use of human skin (in vitro evaluation method). One of the current research objectives is to make this groundbreaking evaluation method an international standard.