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Studying nail beauty

We studied hand and nail shape, and successfully identified the most beautiful balance of measurements.

The search for beautiful hands

Human hands have a variety of characteristics, just like the human figure. What kind of hands are considered beautiful? Shiseido studies the psychological effects of cosmetics as well. This research into hands and nails was conducted in partnership with Tohoku University.
First, we analyzed the hand size data for 1,000 Japanese women※, and categorized the finger length and thickness into 4 types. The type that was chosen as “the ideal hand,” judged to be the most beautiful, was a slender hand with long, slim fingers.

※Hand size measurement data on 1,000 subjects, Research Institute of Human Engineering for Quality Life (random selection)

The top pick among 135 choices

Next, we examined the nail shape, length and width combination for each hand size, to determine the most beautiful nail lines.
The result was a total of 135 configurations.
A survey of approximately 4000 women showed a high approval rate for a not-too-long naturally-rounded oval shape. In the midst of the growing craze for nail art, the nail that strikes people as simply beautiful may be the natural nail, without excessive decoration.

Which nails make your hands look more beautiful?

The photos to the right show an average Japanese female hand, with different nails. Which do you find more beautiful?
In this survey, subjects overwhelmingly preferred the hand pictured to the left.
The results show how much the nail lines can change the overall impression of the hand.
First, have a thorough look at your own hands, and take stock of the shape, the characteristics, of the hand and the nails. Then, try looking for the nail shape that makes your hands look more beautiful.

The ideal, "golden mean" of hands

Through our research into hand and nail shapes, we were able to come up with both the average Japanese female hand and the hand that Japanese women consider to be ideal.
The ideal hand is longer-fingered than the average hand, with a stronger impression of verticality and slimness. We also found that the nail line plays a part in the judgment of hand beauty.
Shiseido has worked to develop nail colors that engineer more attractive fingers, using these study results.
We have also developed nail colors that create an impression of longer fingers, deploying special technology that controls shading.
Maquillage Glossy Nail Color※

※Maquillage is available in selected countries and regions.

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