Value Creation Process

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Value Creation Process (Full Version)

Financial Capital

・Investment resources based on cash flow management (e.g., marketing, research & development, facilities, digital, etc.)
・Sufficient fundraising (credit rating of “A” or higher)

Manufacturing Capital

・Global research and development network of eight centers with Shiseido Global Innovation Center (GIC) at its core
・13 production sites around the world guaranteeing a stable and agile manufacturing environment

Intellectual Capital

・Core research areas and infrastructure encompassing over 100 years of knowledge and excellence as epitomized by our research in dermatology and kansei
・Expertise and achievements related to beauty innovation focused on consumer insights and science
・Brand value built on consumer trust

Human Capital

・A diverse workforce of around 42,000 people from approximately 100 different nationalities
・Cultural alignment under THE SHISEIDO PHILOSOPHY
・A corporate culture that encourages beauty innovations

Natural Capital

・Raw materials (palm oil, water, paper, plastics, etc.)
・Energy (electricity including renewables, gas, fuel, steam, etc.)

Social Relationship Capital

・Sustainable value chain
・Diverse engagement opportunities for consumers and other stakeholders
・A trusted corporate brand

For People

Support people through healthy beauty for a unique lifetime

For Society

Realize a society filled with respect and empowerment

For the Planet

Contribute to the environment where people can live in harmony and enjoy sustainable beauty

Value Creation Process (Full Version)

We believe in the power of beauty to create value for society now and in the future.

OUR MISSION defines everything we do at Shiseido. Despite the many challenges along the way, we firmly believe in the power of beauty and remain committed to business transformation and reform to create value for society.

Shiseido’s corporate mission is BEAUTY INNOVATIONS FOR A BETTER WORLD. We aim to create a sustainable world where everyone can enjoy a lifetime of happiness through the power of beauty. Shiseido works with its stakeholders, continuously innovating to provide solutions to social issues through the beauty business.

We aim to “Be a Global Winner with Our Heritage.” To achieve our corporate mission, we have devised WIN 2023 and Beyond, our new medium-to-long-term strategy in response to the drastically changing landscape. Under this strategy, Shiseido is committed to fundamental reforms, including business portfolio enhancement, improved profitability, and digital transformation, to become a company that creates value now and in the future. To that end, speedy and integrated management is essential.

Our value creation strategy is underpinned by our value drivers that are Shiseido’s unique assets unmatched by other companies. These drivers have matured in the century and a half since our founding and are entwined in OUR DNA, one of Shiseido’s core strengths. This in turn shapes OUR PRINCIPLES, which serve to guide the convictions of every employee at Shiseido. However, successful value creation requires continuous evolution, and we believe that our diverse professionals and ongoing beauty innovations will fuel long-term growth under WIN 2023 and Beyond.