Evolution of Value Creation Sources
Value creation at Shiseido centers around two important business resources:
diverse professionals and beauty innovation.
These resources have never ceased evolving throughout our history and are indispensable sources of our value creation as well as value drivers for further growth.


Outline of Shiseido’s History

  • 1872
    Shiseido is founded in Ginza, Tokyo as Japan’s first private Western-style pharmacy. The name “Shiseido” comes from the classical Chinese book Yi Jing, the Book of Changes
  • 1897
    Shiseido steps into the cosmetics business with Eudermine, the long-selling skin lotion that is still a favorite with consumers over a century since its launch
  • 1902
    Japan’s first soda fountain installed, sales of soda waters and ice cream begin
  • 1916
    The Design Department opens (now, Shiseido Creative Co., Ltd.)
  • 1919
    The Shiseido Gallery established, now the oldest existing gallery in Japan
  • 1921
    Shiseido’s Five Principles, the tenets of corporate sustainability, formulated
  • 1927
    Shiseido Company, Limited established.
    Shiseido Cosmetics Chain Store System launched throughout Japan
  • 1937
    Hanatsubaki, the corporate cultural magazine on latest trends, launched
  • 1957
    Shiseido begins sales in Taiwan, starting full-fledged operation outside Japan
  • 1965
    Shiseido Cosmetics America Ltd. established
  • 1968
    Shiseido Cosmetici (Italia) S.p.A. established
  • 1981
    Shiseido begins sales of cosmetics in Beijing, China
  • 2014
    CEO Masahiko Uotani joins Shiseido as the first CEO appointed directly to the position from outside the company.
    Medium-to-long-term strategy VISION 2020 launched
  • 2016
    A global management system launched in the form of a matrix cross-matching six regions and brand categories
  • 2019
  • 2021
    Medium-to-long-term strategy WIN 2023 and Beyond launched
  • 2022
    Shiseido celebrates
    its 150th anniversary


Evolution of Creative

Pushing the boundaries of creativity
to deliver new beauty experiences

Executive Officer, Chief Creative Officer
Shiseido Company, Limited
Representative Director, President
Shiseido Creative Co., Ltd.

Naomi Yamamoto

Message from the Chief Creative Officer

Shiseido Creative Co., Ltd. was born in January 2022 on the occasion of Shiseido’s 150th anniversary.

Shiseido’s creative history dates back more than a century to the design department founded by Shinzo Fukuhara, the company’s first president, in 1916. Shinzo specifically asked his designers to “let the product speak for itself,” being one of the first people to emphasize the importance of establishing a corporate identity (CI) and visual identity (VI), which would eventually lead to creating the Shiseido style. The Shiseido typeface and arabesque karakusa pattern, both of which still define our brand today, spring from that creative quest for beauty, and our creators continue to inherit and transform the Shiseido style.

Today, brands and communications must adapt amid rapid shifts in consumer values. Not only must we communicate a product’s value, but we must also expound upon the social significance of our brand beyond the product. The role of creators in the future will be to grasp consumer insights and visualize memorable brand designs that depict our purpose, vision, and experience.

We are now shifting to the value creation of beauty experiences that create lasting connections between consumers and brands at the global level. While our strength lies in beauty expertise, we do not only depict beauty. We also find beauty in everything and create experiences that move, inspire, and connect. Experiences that we call kando. To achieve this, we are pushing the boundaries of creativity, highlighting our rich tapestry of talent worldwide as we pave the way for the next era of Shiseido.

Shiseido Creative company logo
Experience design
Product design

April 2022