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2018 Performance


●Formulation of Shiseido Group Sustainable Raw Materials Procurement Guidelines

●Revision of the Shiseido Group Supplier Code of Conduct

●Understanding risks throughout the supply chain

Type Descriptions 2015 2016 2018 2019
The Shiseido Group Supplier Code of Conduct Compliance Survey Number of suppliers which completed the survey 214 224 197
Response rate (%) 83 90 88 90
Sedex Number of suppliers who set access rights 31
Evaluation/certification other than Sedex Number of suppliers which have obtained evaluations/certification other than Sedex 4
Total Number of monitoring suppliers 214 224 229*
Monitoring rate (%) 83 90 89 90
  • * Excludes 3 duplicated suppliers

●Procurement of sustainable palm oil

Changes in Palm Oil Consumption

2016 2017 2018
Total (t) of palm oil, palm kernel oil consumption amount 6,788 8,024 9,750
Book & Claim system*3 50 75 9,750
Book & Claim System Coverage Ratio (%) 1 1 100
  • *1 RSPO: Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil
  • *2 RSPO Supply Chain Certification: Certification to ensure logistically reliable delivery of RSPO-certified raw materials.
  • *3 Book & Claim system: A system of trading the production of palm oil and palm kernel oil produced on RSPO-certified farms as certified credits. As in Energy Green, purchasing a credit is considered equivalent to purchasing RSPO-certified oil.

●Procurement of sustainable mica

●Dialogues with stakeholders

Dialogues with NGOs/NPOs and small palm oil farmers

Dialogues with human rights experts


●Human rights risk assessment

Since FY2017, Shiseido has been conducting the Shiseido Group Engagement Survey for employees throughout Shiseido Group, encompassing Japan and overseas countries, to investigate human rights risks in the workplace, such as discrimination and harassment.

●Reporting and consultation center for employees

A consultation center was set up to handle consultations and reports on various employee human rights and labor issues. We set up the In-house Shiseido Consultation Office and the External Shiseido Hotline to receive a broad range of consultations and reports from various workplaces. The Compliance Committee Hotline specializes in receiving reports and Report Mail to Auditors receives reporting on officers.

Operating performance of reporting and the consultation center for employees(The reporting and consultation numbers include consultations on issues other than human rights)

Reporting/consultation center Target 2016
The In-house Shiseido Consultation Office Employees of the Shiseido Group in Japan 230 cases 224 cases 241 cases
External Shiseido Hotline Employees of the Shiseido Group in Japan
Compliance Committee Hotline Employees of the Shiseido Group in Japan

●Human rights education training for employees

Since human rights issues are diverse, the Human Resources Department, Risk Management Department, and Social Value Creation Division are playing the central role in the initiative, working in partnership with the Shiseido Group companies. With regard to the Shiseido Group Standards of Business Conduct and Ethics and related policies and rules, we conduct regular training and education according to position and job type to deepen our understanding of the human rights of employees and to work to reduce human rights risks. We hold training sessions for top-level employees including the Global Headquarters officers and department directors in Japan, division/department heads of domestic and overseas offices, employees in various divisions/departments, and new employees once a year.

Achievements of human rights education and training for top management

Name of the training Target Goal 2016
Human rights enlightenment and corporate ethics training All Corporate Officers of Shiseido Company, Limited and Shiseido Japan Co., Ltd. 100% 87.1%
(27/31 targets)
(25/28 targets)

(Not implemented)

Target and performance of human rights education training for employees

Name of the training Target Goal 2016
Human rights enlightenment training (for Human Rights Enlightenment Promotion Representative) Human Rights Enlightenment Promotion Representative of each department of the Shiseido Group in Japan 150 people 258 people 250 people
(93% attendance rate)
Human rights enlightenment training (for domestic employees) Employees of the Shiseido Group in Japan 100% 92% 93% 95%

Other human rights education training performance

Name of the training Primary theme Target Number of attendees
November 2018 Business and human rights Business and human rights Human Resources representatives in overseas regional headquarters 4 regions (Europe, Americas, Asia Pacific, Travel Retail)

Future challenges

●Challenges to human rights risk assessment

●Challenges to reducing human rights risks