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Art and Heritage

Inspire Beauty

Inspire our culture with Japanese beauty


Use Japanese beauty to raise beauty
awareness around the world and
encourage the realization of beauty as a culture.

Art and Heritage Inspire Beauty

For A Better World Through Art And Culture

The Shiseido Gallery, which was opened in 1919 and is said to be the oldest existing art gallery in Japan, has centered on and continuously supports various artistic activities while contributing to the development of Japanese art and culture, with the philosophy of “discovery and creation of a new beauty.” We developed “shiseido art egg,” our current open application program, with the aim to support 3 emerging artists/groups each year for a total of 30 exhibitions by 2029. Shinzo Fukuhara, Shiseido’s first president, also worked on the “artification of products,” introducing artistic ideas into business activities. At the Shiseido Gallery and Shiseido Art House, we conduct 16 Gallery Talk events annually for people within and outside the company, aiming for 160 events by 2029. We will continue to present new values to the world through our art and culture activities, toward optimal business and social value creation.

Shiseido Gallery

The Shiseido Gallery regularly conducts exhibitions of mainly contemporary art. Through discovering, supporting, and fostering young artists, we attain new values and introduce new arts to society, and consequently contribute to and promote the development of Japanese art and culture.

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Shiseido Art House

The Shiseido Art House (Kakegawa, Shizuoka) collects, stores, and publicly displays certain paintings, sculptures, and crafts presented at the exhibitions hosted by the Shiseido Gallery. It also plays a part in promoting local art and culture.

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Art Supporting Activity

Mainly focusing on modern art, Shiseido has supported (and sponsored) various contemporary art activities, including theatrical and choreographic expressions. Our past sponsorship programs are listed here. *We have discontinued the public system from 2019.

Use of Shiseido’s Cultural Assets as a Source to Create Social Values

During its nearly 150 years of business activities, Shiseido has created and inherited various values and corporate cultures, reflected in its products and advertising materials. In 1992, we founded the Shiseido Corporate Museum as part of Shiseido’s 120th anniversary memorial project. The corporate data collectively stored and managed in the museum are publicly displayed, lent to, and used by third parties for their research. Also, particularly in these years of rapid globalization, we focus on in-house heritage education to deliver and pass along Shiseido’s philosophy as it has been handed down since its founding. We conduct educational opportunities with the aim of organizing more than 50 lectures and training and e-learning sessions for all employees by 2029. In addition, we are on path to conduct more than 300 guided tours annually for employees at our museum and other cultural facilities to enhance loyalty to the Shiseido Group, enrich sources of new value creation, and accelerate the Beauty Innovations toward which we aim.

Shiseido Corporate Museum

Various archives going back to the company’s founding in 1872, including Shiseido product packaging, advertising materials, and documents on Ginza, are collectively stored here. Some are publicly displayed to allow visitors to experience Shiseido’s history and underlying aesthetics.

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S/PARK Museum

In 2019, we established the experience-based S/PARK Museum, where visitors can sense and feel beauty through interactive communications. This is a place where Shiseido creates Beauty Innovations leading to the future while offering great experiential encounters through various content.

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Japanese Beauty Institute (JBI)

Shiseido established the Japanese Beauty Institute (JBI) in 2019 to deliver the company’s perception of Japanese beauty to the world, as well as the aesthetics underlying the brand’s values through events and online content distribution.

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