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Primary Strategic Actions

Protecting Skin from UV Rays and Photoaging*1

Due to the influence of the global environment, esp. through climate change*2, total UV exposure of consumers are likely to increase in the next 100 years in certain areas*3. Based on the results of our dermatological science research and development activities, which span over 100 years, we are moving forward with new research from the perspective of the relationship between environment and skin (including UV rays). Through this research, we are developing and providing innovative products and services (UV care, skin brightening, anti-aging care) that protect beautiful skin.

  1. *1Signs of aging caused by UV rays
  2. *2The fact that climate change influences on atmospheric circulation (Hadley circulation) and the total amount of UV ray exposure increase in the middle latitudes was indicated by the research result of JAMSTEC(Japan Agency for marine-earth science and technology).
  3. *3Most affected are the densely populated regions in the earth’s middle latitudes where economic activity is booming.

Products to protect and care for the skin from UV rays

Support to Patients suffering from Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP), a UV-sensitive intractable disease

Education for children about UV protection